You Season 3

The Second Season of You can be rightly called as the definition of Binge worthy television. The Season with it’s horror and drama, caught viewers at the edge of the seat. After notable success, we will all be shocked if S2 was the last we saw of Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgely)

Having dropped on the streaming platform on Boxing Day,it was a hotly-anticipated thriller. It which started out as a Lifetime series before landing on Netflix – caught up with Joe shortly after that season one cliffhanger

The First Two Seasons Of You

The S2 can have the alternate title of , “How to get away with Murder”. Our Hero presented himself as Will Bettleheim (much to the misfortune of “real” Will) . Then, he tried to flee from his past life to concoct a new one. He is shown fleeing from Candace, the truth that he has killed his GF Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and her best friend , Peach Salinger (Shay Mitchell).

Joe/Will caught up a new love interest in Love Quinn ( The Hunting of Hill House’s Victoria Pedretti) . In order to prove his worth to his new obsession, he picked up a job at another book shop and tried to be a better person .

You season 2
You season 2 last scene

You Season 3 release date

No release date has been announced by Netflix about the release of S3. The Executive Producer of the Series, Sera Gamble , has been very open and vocal about her plans for YOU. It will of course have a third part. The producer, in her talks with Cosmopolitan UK, has expressed her hope for S3 if the quantum of the viewers allow so.She said that the story is so exciting that writers find themselves talking about it in the writer’s room and she hopes to keep making the show.

You Season 3 storyline

We are left with many questions after S2, though many were answered in the Season , like- what actually happened with Joe & Candace and why she had “unfinished business” to discuss with him.

You left off with Joe shacked up with his murderous girlfriend and their literal Love child. It was presenting a whole series of threads for where things might go next. Joe was describing his situation with Love as though it was a cage or some form of bad karma. He was implying that there could be trouble ahead and that he likely wouldn’t be sticking around if it weren’t for his unborn daughter.

And of course we can’t ignore the very final moment of the season, which heavily hints at Joe – AGAIN! – going back to his old tricks. Yep, having spotted his new neighbour through the fence, Joe has found a new You to fixate on.

“I will figure out a way, a way to get to you,” Joe’s narration echoed, as he watched the next poor, unsuspecting woman. “See you soon, neighbor.”

You Season 3 cast

Joe was a central character in S1& S2 and is likely to be in S3 for sure. His Girl Friend Love is also destined to be Central to any continuation in the story. Characters like ‘Real’ Will, Gabe , Lucy, Sunrise and Ellie Alves are also likely to return in S3.

You Season 3 location

Badgely had admitted that moving the Season’s location to Los Angeles in the second edition had a “big effect on the show”. However , there are endless possibilities for YOU’s location in S3 including Hawai but Badgely reserved that location for S4! Perhaps to surprise the viewers ! In his media talks , he gave randm clues by mentioning Hawaii and then said that maybe it is good for season 4.

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