You season 2

You season 2

In You season 2 Badgely‘s role as Joe Goldberg has been marked with the concealed identity and another obsessive interest in the the second season of The You which is based on Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. The cast includes Penn Badgely, Victoria Pedretti, James Scully, Jenna Ortega.

A Brief Season 1 Recap

The First Season of The You on Netflix drew the attention of Binge watchers last year. Brilliantly crafted self-righteous monologues by Joe Goldberg (played by Badgely) kept viewers guessing about his allegiance with G. Beck(played by Elizabeth Lail).

Such obsession kept viewers engrossed at the edge of their seat with horrors about the vulnerability of obsessive stalking. However, the season’s end crossed all boundaries of horror as Joe killed the very Beck for whom he had murdered many others earlier. He outrightly dismissed her as she did not fit his narrative in the first place.

The Season 2 plot

The YOU Season 2 gets even bloodier with a string of hidden Dead bodies in various places. It starts, just like any another sequel, where Season 1 ends, with the fact that Joe’s ex Candace (Ambyr Childers) is actually alive thirsty for revenge. In this Season, Badgely , runs away to Los Angeles concocting a new name- Will Bettleheim and a new life.

Development of Characters

The Season witnesses a first sight love as he meets with his new “You” , Love Quinn. Our hero Joe struggles to fight against his new obsession but finally gives in to his impulse. But as the story would have it, Joe later realizes that Love is not like Beck but he chooses to preserve his obsession. He goes down to the dangerous path of “doing anything” to prove his worth for her.

Love too had her own struggles in life- a tragic ex-love affair, obnoxious parents and one drug addict brother Forty (James Quinn). Forty is shown as a “broken” youth who messily involves in Quinn’s family. He also takes up his own pet project in the form of Ellie (Disney’s Jenna Ortega) who is the sister of his building manager Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) and tries to parent her like Paro with disastrous results.

The Storyline

Like the traits of the city where it is set, THE YOU Season 2 gets brighter in parts with Will getting into a Character Arc but gets elapsed by Candace’s increasing presence. The characters surrounding around Joe/Will and his muse make up an interesting world like S1 but this time with
different chain of reactions with each character. The brilliance of characters like James and Jenna amuses the watchers but the Badgely-Pedretti chemistry steals the show.

The Cast

Badgely had proved his range of acting skills in Season 1. He takes it up a slight notch in Season 2. He makes Joe work and even when the actor is telling people on social media to not to root for him, they do.

On the other hand, Pedretti is a wonder to watch. Viewers have seen her earlier in The Haunting of the Hill House and this time, she weaves her own magic into her character, who has a storm in her head and rain on the screen. The two play off each other in much conviction but characters like Scully steals the scene.

Badgely and Pedretti continue to keep the light on themselves letting Beck fading in the Oblivion. Joe and Love become a perfect Yin and Yang in the screen much to everyone’s delight. Literally speaking, Joe has met his match in the season.

The YOU Season 2 has lived up with the hype of How to get away with murder though it was not as explosive as Season1. The Season deals with a conscience, trauma, and penance and drew inferences from Dostoevessky’s. The Crime and Punishment. The Season has a strong ending smudging a little tease for S3 as always

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