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This artwork is dedicated to the rajasthani culture where lord Krishna has a turban and many jewellery on him . Every art has a meaning and a story beside it . This painting has been taken from the mahabharat era when the lotus feet of Krishna gave his mercy on the grand son of Bheem and named him after his own name Khatushyam ji.

The Khatushyam Temple is a Hindu temple in the village of Khatushyamji, Rajasthan, (Sikar district) India, that is very popular with pilgrims. Devotees believe it houses the miraculously rediscovered head of Barbarika or Khatushyam, a character from the Mahabharata.

Lotus Feet of Krishna: Last Wish of Barbarika

lotus feet of krishna quotes
lotus feet of krishna quotes

Before the beginning of the Mahābhārata battle, Barbarika’s last wish was to see the war “Mahabharat” so lotus feet of God himself placed his head on the top of a mountain for Barbarika to see the war. Many years after Kali Yuga started, the head was found buried in the village of Khatu (District- Sikar) in present-day Rajasthan. The location was obscured until well after the Kali Yuga period began.

Then, on one occasion, milk started flowing spontaneously out of a cow’s udder when she neared the burial spot. Amazed at this incident, the local villagers dug the place up and the buried head was revealed. The head was handed over to a Brahmin who worshipped it for many days, awaiting divine revelations as to what was to be done next. Roopsingh Chauhan, king of Khatu, then had a dream where he was inspired to build a temple and install the head therein. Subsequently, a temple was built and the idol was installed on the 11th day of the Shukla Paksha (bright half) of the month of Phalgun.

Lotus Feet of Krishna Images: More Legends From Barbarika

krishna bheema mercy
krishna bheema mercy

There is another, only slightly different version of this legend. Roopsingh Chauhan was the ruler of Khatu. His wife, Narmada Kanwar, once had a dream in which the deity instructed her to take his image out of the earth. The indicated place (now known as Shyam Kund) when then dug up. Sure enough, it yielded the idol, which was duly enshrined in the temple

This was the little story of khatushyam and it proves that lord Krishna loves his devotees very much .
Most of us raise some question that how can we maintain the fortune we have received?

Lotus Feet of Krishna Meaning: True Meaning of Self

bheema story
bheema story

A simple answer to those is do not thirst for sense gratification. Do not desire to commit sinful activities. Rather,use your energy to engage in Lord Hari’s service staying far away from the concerns of worldly morality. With such full surrender, you will achieve perfection. Jagai and Madhai did not commit further sinful activities after taking the shelter of Sriman Mahaprabhu, and we should not either.

Only those who understand that Hari Bhajan is the ultimate goal can feel the distress of others. By worshiping Hari one achieves eternal life ; those who worship Him do not die. While materialists engage constantly with the enemies of lust,anger, and greed, devotees have no such enemies. When one has the natural tendency to worship Hari, one need not control his senses by force. Rather, by sincerely engaging in the Lord’s service, the poisonous teeth of the senses are easily uprooted by the Lord’s mercy.

Even the most experienced conditioned souls are interested in sense gratification, even though in their pursuit of happiness they are forced to suffer distress. Devotees, however, do not meet the pendulum swing of happiness and distress in this world. Rather, this world is a place of complete happiness for them because they have no desires. They do not even desire to become an Indra, what to speak of a Brahma, lord of all Devi Devatas. A materialist would never choose to become an insect in this world, but a devotee would not mind such a birth as long as he could engage in Hari Bhajana. Because of such an attitude, even the Devi Devatas are made fortunate by the mercy of Lord Chaitanya’s devotees.

It is important to become self realised in this life. Otherwise, absorbed in matter at the time of death,we will be forced to take birth again in the material world. If we do not associate with the Lord’s devotees in his krishna drawing images in colour during this life, we will end up forming narrow minded groups and sects.

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