why blend in when i was born to stand out

Many times we spent too much energy in our lives trying to “fit in” various social rules which we don’t know in our lives. We want that “society” treats us as “normal” people. But I always have different plans. My Reason? Why Blend In When I was born to stand out? Find out why you should have the same reason as well.

I always want to stand out, to be a class apart from the crowd. I feel that being “normal” is very boring. Being “normal” is to lose your identity. It means to give up your dreams and aspirations and to follow the “herd mindset” and get lost in mindless pursuits. It is very easy to blend in so that you can always get unnoticed in the crowd. But standing out is challenging. It needs an intense passion for the work you do and having faith in yourself. And when something stands out, society can’t help itself but notice it. That’s why I say: Why Follow Others when you can make a mark on your own?

Normal people don’t dream. They have no aspirations to fulfill, no plan to excel. Why be normal when you can be amazing? Let’s dive into this concept further:

What is the Meaning of Why Blend In When I was born to stand out?


Many people may think that standing out means have a strong physical appearance. But this is not the case. When I say to stand out, I mean to take the extra step which all those “normal” people are unwilling to take. Walking that extra mile, lifting that extra weight in the gym, and meditating that extra minute which can help you live a life worthwhile. Can you expect these qualities from “normal people”? But these are of course those qualities which can make you stand out in the world we live today.

You would strive to be fully true to yourself so that you can celebrate the unique qualities within you. This will help you and your peers in the friend circle to be better every day. So, keep things simple and just believe that you have the worth to stand out from the crowd.

What makes you stand out from the rest?


Many ways can help you stand out from the rest. I will reveal these ways one by one so that you can easily understand how standing out is always the best option. Let’s reiterate our motto once again: Why Blend In When I Was Born To Stand Out?

The first step to beat the crowd is to practice listening. The majority of people lack the basic patience to hear out what the sender is seeing. People hear to respond but not to receive what the other person wants to convey. So, learn how to listen to understand beyond the words spoken.

Always play to your strengths. Know your unique abilities which you can master as this will free you from the burden of blending in. We live in the world of specialization and your special abilities can help you make your mark.

Always have a clear idea of the projects you have taken to accomplish. Your understanding of a subject will not be complete if you have some vague points in your ensuing project.

Never target short term missions. You should always have an eye towards long-term growth as this is the truest means to make your mark uniquely. Short-term missions can mess your life dreams and will make you yet another “sheep” in the “herd”.

Who said the Born To Stand Out Quotes?

I want to reveal my big secret here. I don’t own the copyright of the wonder quotes mentioned in this article. They are said by Dr.Seuss in his book, “The Lorax” (1971). Here is what he said:

“Why Blend In When I was born to stand out?”

Dr Seuss.

Dr. Seuss is the pen-name of Theodor Seuss Geisel, a well-known American author. He specializes in writing books for children. Some of his famous works include The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and of course The Lorax. His career is a true testimony to what he preaches in his inspirational quote. He began his career as an illustrator for advertising companies and publications but later switched his route to political cartoons and finally resorted to writing books for children. His quotes are widely republished today in books and movies.

We also find Dr. Seuss quote in the movie, ‘What A Girl Wants’ . In a tense scene where giving up seemed to be the only option, Oliver James delivered this brilliant dialogue on stage:

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?

Hence you need to also kindle your fire of positivity through this No.1 motivational movie quote.

Is it Better To Stand Out or Fit In during Social Events?

why blend in when you are born to stand out
why blend in when I was born to stand out

During wedding ceremonies or birthday celebrations, do you need to stand out? These are those situations when getting unnoticed seems to be a safer and comfortable option. As we said earlier, standing out simply means being yourself. So, my advice will be neither to overreact unnaturally nor appear dumb.

You should try to make yourself comfortable in any social gathering you attend. In discussions, choose topics you are interested in like the hobby which you pursue. Try to listen to what others want to say and engage with them. Remember, only active involvement will make you stand out in this situation.

There will be some moments when you fall into an awkward situation. Rather than holding your ego, it is better to accept your fault and blush off. In this way, you appear honest and original and again get a chance to stand out.

In short, social events are just like any other moment in your life. There is always a chance to show your true self and stand out in the social circle. Being in a closed box is never an option in this fast-changing world.

I think now you have got the idea behind this wonderful quote: why blend in when I was born to stand out? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s spark an engaging community to stand out every day!

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