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Creative Arts
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“True ease in writing comes from art, not chance,

As thou move easiest who have learned to dance”

– Alexander Pope

Creative Arts: The ability to write creatively is a cornerstone habit that spills over to other parts of your world. It is a modern-day superpower that allows you to communicate your message with fluidity.

The only problem? We weren’t taught this skill growing up.

In schools, there has been a systematic attempt to curb creative arts and promote stereotypes to feed the industry in the name of learning. The cost of such a poor education system has to be borne by all of us.

What’s the result? The writing as we know it falls flat in the real world.

Obsessing over word choice, grammar & syntax may get you an ‘A’ on your school assignment.

But in the real world?

If that is your only focus, then you will be laughed out of the building. The real world does not allow the bookish style of writing. Everyone wants to know something interesting, something which will get imprinted in their memories forever.

“There’s no memory greater than the memory of the emotion”

– Livelovetalk Team

‘Then what does work in the real world?’’

When Life is Creative Arts- A Free ebook download below

Creative Writing is when you write with your personality.

It is when you use the technology of words with more fluidity.

Learn to be an artist with words.

If you were to ask me what is the finest piece of technology ever created…

I would not say it was the internet, smartphone, or car.

‘Oh yea, then what would you say buddy?!’

I would say the finest piece of technology ever created was WORDS.

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Words = Perception Programmers.

– Livelovetalk

Not only can you program your own perception, but you can also program the perception of others.

Creative writing is to humans as to what coding is for computers.

And the most beautiful thing about creative writing is that anyone can learn it.

It does not matter if you are black, white, woman, man, short, tall, etc. If you have the DESIRE to become a genius with words, then you are able to learn the skill set of creative writing. Thus, creative arts and writing can help you break through the barriers of time and space.

You might have heard about prolific writing. The Prolific Writer is the human whose writing is simply limited by their imagination.

Writing is when you work with the mind. How well you exercise your mind is how well you will progress.

Your mind does not follow the same ruleset that is governed by physical entities. 

The mind and creative arts do not follow the rules of space, time & causation.

Creative writing allows for infinite growth & can take up different forms.

Water is capable of cleaning, hydrating, powering up a turbine to generate electricity.Same water. Different uses. 

Creative writing is capable of building a profitable business, writing a book, growing a global following, teaching, entertaining & much more.

Again, same skill. Different uses.

We at too understand the power of creative writing. Compiling our ideas and emotions, we have created the Ultimate Guide to Storytelling Success for all our readers!  Through this free e-book which only needs your subscription and support, we assure our readers that you will immensely benefit from our creative arts project!

Our e-book contains golden rules of promotion which will add stars to your content! We have presented actionable advice through expert examples which will guide you through the technology called, ‘WORDS’.

Plus, we have added bonanzas and perfect photo-finishes for the patient readers!

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