Two Line Shayari In Hindi On Life

No.1 Two Line Shayari In Hindi On Life For True Lovers

Today we bring some beautiful two line shayari in Hindi on life. These beautiful shayaris deal with various aspects of life such as the moments you appreciate and love. Life is hardly without sorrow and sacrifices and we can’t forget to do a relatable shayari to it.

We all know how tough this year has been for everyone. Our plans are shattered, our life is disrupted and our livelihood is disturbed. But what’s the point to get depressed? We believe in the power of positive talk. And thus, we present a wonderful bouquet of two line shayari on zindagi.

Our list of shayari is written from the depth of heart. They are fully original, unique and will resonate with your true feelings in this unprecedented crisis.

Let’s get started:

1.Two Line Shayari In Hindi On Life: Lafzon…


Mohabbat sirf lafzon ka khel nahi
Isme dilon ke saath, waqt bhi milaya jaata hai

Zindagi banai jaati hai, saath nibhaya jaata hai
Kal sanwara jaata hai, aaj bitaya jaata hai
Sab kuch kho kar bhi, bohot kuch paaya jaata hai…

Herr ends our first verse of two line shayari in hindi on life. The crux of this verse is this: love is not a mere play of words. It is a union of hearts and the divine meeting of souls. Love can provide shelter amidst the welter of doubts troubling humankind. True love is amazingly powerful.

2. Zindagi 2 Line Shayari: Chhu loon…

Chhu loon main
Ya fir bss nihaar loon tujhe

Yahaan se to doori bohot hai, Ek kam kar tu
Apne hi aksh mein utaar le mujhe…

Here ends our second beautiful verse on two line shayari in Hindi on life. This verse is about the sensual feelings of love and how it can transcend you to the next emotional level. The feeling of romance comes dropping slow like the drops of pleasure descending from heaven. It’s a moment which can be cherished forever.

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3. Two Line Shayari On Life: Ishq…


Ishq ka bhi apna alag dastoor hai
Kisi ek ke hasne se

Kisi dusre ke chehre par noor Hai,
Do dil bhale hi door hai

Magar yahi to Ishq hai janaab
Yahaan dooriyan bhi manzoor hai…

The third verse is all about Ishq and artistic love affairs. Everything seems fair between the two lovers when the tide of Ishq reigns supreme. Ishq is not a futile fancy made out of fluke. It is the feeling which can make boundaries disappear. The epic union between lovers can blossom true happiness providing a true meaning in this two line shayari in Hindi on life.

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4. Two Line Status In Hindi On Life: Dastaan…


Teri meri bss Itni si thi Dastaan
Jaha teri rooh jaane se Katra gayi,

Haan, vahi mere ghar ka rastaa
Magar is kahaani ki shuruvaat ekdin hogi dobara

Yah ek Dil ka dusre se vaasta…

Dastaan means journey. Just like life, love is a journey towards the unknown. You can not restrict true love between the narrow boundaries of binary thinking. Love is for open-minded and for the true wanderers of life.

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5. Two Line Shayari In Hindi On Life: Main Na Dekhun…

Main Na dekhun to aansu mat bahana tum
Mere na choone par murjha mat jaana tum
Tumse mujhe milti meri himmat hai

Main saath na raha to ghabra mat jaana tum

Jee lena tum meri jaan aur apni pehchaan bankar
Mere saath mere peeche, chali mat aana tum
Mohabbat tumhari rakh lunga main janmon tak

Muskuraana, bss haasna bhool mat Jaana tum

Our last verse is on the true strength of love. When you engage in true love with one another, you never feel the pains of separation. Why you will feel alone when your loving aide is always within your heart?

How was your 2 line shayari on love? Did you enjoy it? Share your feelings in the comments below. It is only this sort of positive talk that can help you rise from within this lockdown. Have a nice day readers as always!

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