Two line shayari collections Hindi

Two line shayari collections Hindi: Best 5

Today we bring our best two line shayari collections Hindi. These are genuine and original two line love shayari that you can find on the internet.

Love is a powerful emotion and force which we can use to change the world. True love is difficult to find but takes an eternity to cherish whereas hate is freely available nowadays. Let’s explore some well-written shayari laced with love and happiness to cheer you up for the New Normal:

two line love shayari
two line love shayari

1. Two line shayari collections Hindi: Kaise ho…?

Jb tum saath the, Jiya tab krte the

Ab to hum mehaz zindagi kaat rhe hai…

Poochte ho kaisa hu,

To yun samajh lo ki,

Bass ek hi saans bharkar

Poore shareer mein baant rhe hai…

Here ends our first piece of two line love shayari. Our first 2 line love shayari resonates with the feelings of a true lover when his beloved leaves him and he is left desolate. At such a time, he feels empty and void from within. It is then that the lover understands the importance of her beloved in his life.

two line attitude shayari in hindi
two line attitude shayari in hindi

2. Two Line Attitude Shayari in Hindi: Intezaar

Haa milte hai kuch waqt main,

Bade pyaar se tu keh gaya…

Aankh tikaaye teri raah par

Main khada adhura as rah gaya,

Sirf tere intezaar mein reh gaya…

Here ends our second piece love shayari 2 line. This two line shayari collections hindi gives voice to a mad lover who is waiting for his true beloved to arrive. He waits for long fixing his eye on the path to be trodden by her beloved. He longs for the majestic space-time event when the epic union of hearts would occur making the life of the duo truly worthwhile.

2 line hindi love shayari
2 line hindi love shayari

3. 2 line Hindi Love Shayari: Hawayein

Inn hawaaon ne hai,

kitne raaz chuppaye

Jinhe aaj tak naa logg sahi jaan paaye

Kuch raaz inke saath behte jaaye

Jo tham jaaye

Vo bhi kisi ko samajh naa aaye…

Here ends our third piece of love shayari 2 line in hindi. This third piece personifies wind as the symbol of love carrier which stores loads of mysteries around it but finally transmits the message of ultimate compassion to the receiver. We have tried to keep our personification crisp yet profound and beautiful so that it touches your heart. Hope you like our new approach to love shayari like all others 😉

4. Zindagi Sad Shayari 2 Line: Mehboob

Mera mohabbat bhi kamaal tha…

Roz saath rehkar bhi,

Saath na reh saka…

This is our fourth piece of two line shayari collections hindi. This sad love shayari describes a unique love affair of a heartbroken man which ultimately resulted in grief. He explains and ponders in his sadness that he was so close to his ‘love partner’ yet miles apart. There was no emotional connect between the duo resulting in a sad break up.

attitude shayari two line
attitude shayari two line

5. Attitude Shayari Two Line: Sukoon

Tu vo baarish ki boond hai,

Jo patjhad ke baad girti hai…

Tu vo sukoon bhari neend hai,

Jo fikr vaali raat m milti hai…

This was our fifth and last verse on 2 line attitude shayari. This last verse is a beautiful compliment given by a lover to his girlfriend to impress her. The lover, in his height of emotion and romanticism, compares his beautiful partner to the monsoon after autumn and the sleep in the break of the dawn which is earned after a distressing night full of troubles. Truly, love can break all the limitations and troubles you face and provide you with eternal bliss which is previously priceless.

Here end our five verses on two line shayari collections hindi. These verses are originally unique and can easily connect the diverse feelings of a true lover. Hope you liked our two-liner couple quotes or shayari. Feel Free to share your thoughts in the comments below. We will be bringing more awesome love shayari for every true shayari lover in this New Normal Season.

So, stay tuned with us and have a good day!

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