Pencil shades

Pencil Shades which are drawn by Pencil shading is a technique where shading is done with circles, small circles close to each other defining darker shades and large circles apart to depict lighter shades. Here are some of the most beautiful pencil shades here:

Shree Ganesha Pencil Shades

Shree Ganesha Pencil Shades
Shree Ganesha

Ganesha or Ganesh, also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, is one of the best-known and most worshiped deities in the Hindu pantheon. Every year we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi as the arrival of Lord Ganesha to the earth. Here in this picture I made a beautiful drawing of Lord Ganesha with Om on the left side and finished it with the pencil shade. At first, I made the outline, and then shaded the sides of Ganesha with pencil.

The shading should be light, and it will be better if we use 4B pencil. The left side is having a portion where we have to draw strip lines. Those lines are drawn with the help of 8B pencil. The eye of Lord Ganesha is the most important thing, and it must be beautifully made. We’ve to make sure that in this drawing, we should not use pen and the shading should be made in the sides.

A Girl With an Umbrella

A girl with umbrella

The whole drawing lies upon pencil shading. In this drawing 4B and 8B pencil is used. At first, I made the girl carrying an umbrella with the help of 4B pencil. After that, I used 8B pencil to draw the trees on the left side. The trees are shaded with 8B pencil and for giving better effects I rubbed cotton earbud to the shaded areas. After completing the left side, I moved to the right side where there are only three trees that too not prominent. The shade is quite light of the right side as compared to the left side.

The shadows of the trees in the ground is made in a light manner as compared to the trees. Then we focus on the girl with the umbrella. Here for bordering the shoes and legs, micron pen is used. Some portions of the dress and umbrella is darkly shaded with 8B pencil and earbud to look good. Allover the girl with umbrella and the trees with its shadows are the main highlighting part in the drawing.

A Girl Wearing a Hat

Girl-wearing-a-hat pencil shades
Girl-wearing-a-hat pencil shades

This picture shows a girl wearing a hat and is mainly covered by pencil shading. At first, I bordered the lips with black pen, and then shaded the sides with pencil. Then I started to pencil shade the hat which is more important. To show the fold in the hat, a narrow line is left un-shaded. In the middle of the hat, there is a narrow border which is shaded with pen.

The left side of the face is lightly shaded to show the shadow of the hair. Apart from that, the neck, shoulder and the face is also lightly shaded. Some portions of the hair is shaded with black pen and the rest is pencil shaded. As the shades of the skin and the dress may look same so I shaded the dress lightly with pencil and the rest part darkly with pencil.

A Beautiful Drawing Room


In this drawing at first I made the sofa and the cushions with black micron pen. Then made the shelves stuffed with lots of books. After completing the borders with black pen. I shaded the shelves with 8B pencil and earbud. The window pane is also shaded like that manner. The leaves and branches outside the window is made with micron pen(005). The sofa and the cushions are lightly shaded. There are some beautiful prints on sofa which is made with micron pen. The whole drawing is shaded with 4B and 8B pencil and spread with paper strips and earbud for a better look.

Uniquely Shaded Compass

Shaded compass

Life is a journey and only you hold the map

The drawing shows a compass which is popping out of a torn page. For this drawing, we need black pen, geometry compass, and 8B pencil. At first, I made the direction compass with the help of black pen and geometry compass. After completing it I made the marks of tearing of page by 8B pencil and shaded the sides. Earbud is used for a better shading. The sides of the marks of tearing must be darkly shaded. After that, I made the details of the compass with black micron pen. At last, the writing of the torn page is done with black pen.

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