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Top 5 Inspire Wellness quotes

Here we bring a dose of best inspiring quotes that are fully original. Inspiration is a daily need that can keep us going so look no further and dive into some beautiful words.

Inspire Wellness quotes: Reelity and Reality

In REELITY, there is chance of RETAKING but in reality,

there is no chance of RETAKING… once chance gone it’s gone..forever….


HARSH REALITY is far more tolerable than FAKE REELITY…..

Inspire Wellness quotes : Creativity and Fashionistic

Not all creation needs to be popular,

Some need to be understood and properly nourished

Similarly, not every fashion needs to be attractive

some needs to be “GOOD” then “BETTER” then the “BEST”

why blend in when I was born to stand out?

Inspire Wellness Quotes: Positivity and Happiness

Every POSITIVITY may not lead to HAPPINESS……..

some may lead to extreme DEJECTIVITY

Which can kill your SELF ESTEEM…which can kill your INNER SELF…..

Inspire Wellness Quotes: Inquisitivity

CURIOSITY for something strange doesn’t make one WEIRD

It makes you UNIQUE…..


CURIOSITY to know your own self makes you self-loved…..than

being curious to know others makes you MORE WIERD…..

Inspire Wellness Quotes: Memories never dies

Memories may be playful to you if you laugh at it

memories may be beautiful if you pursue

and do follow it…..

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