real life quotes

Top 5 Deep Tumblr Quotes

Get ready for the Deep Tumblr Quotes. These quotes are purely original works and cannot be found on any other sites or pages. It is important to stay in reality no matter how harsh it may be. Go through the quotes and enjoy.

deep tumblr quotes
reality vs fantasy

Deep Tumblr Quotes: Fantasy and Reality

Stayed in fantasy,

Slapped by reality,

Now living in practicality.

they pretend I pretend
they pretend I pretend

Deep Quotes: They Pretend, I Pretend

They smile to pretend they are happy for me;

I smile to pretend I believe them.

being a King
Being a King

Deep Quotes: Being a King

Not every king is behind a queen to satisfy;

Some are busy building empires.

real life quotes
real life quotes

Deep Tumblr Quotes: Three Magical Words

Three Magical words,





Deep Tumblr Quotes: Magnet

Life isn’t a magnet,

Positive will always attract positive,

Negative will always attract negative.

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