chandragupta vikram aditya
chandragupta vikram aditya
chandragupta vikram aditya
Chandragupta Vikramaditya was one of the renowned and prolific rulers of the Gupta PERIOD. Many legends surround this king, whose reign was supposed to be one of the most peaceful and prosperous for the people of his kingdom. From art to architecture, the prosperity of his kingdom knew no boundaries. 

But above all, he was loved and respected as a great, wis,e and fair judge. His people loved him. 
His kingdom consisted of the grand and renowned, “अखंड भारत” with its capital at Ujjain. Centuries later, his palace fell into ruins but his sense of justice survived. 

The story goes like this, the great city of Ujjain was then a modest village comprised of peace-loving men and farmers, 

Who used to send their cows out to graze by Dawn with cowherds, 

So that the “cowboys” can return kicking up the dusk along the sun-baked path at the stroke of the ‘twilight-hour’. 

One day, such “cowboys” found a playground beautifully carved, peeping out. At the center was a green mound that looked just like a seat. 

One of the cowherds sat on it, and, with a solemn face, called out his friends to hold trials. Others joined in the make-believe game, thinking his friend to be an “acting-judge” and brought a paltry case of a quarrel over a spot. 

But as destiny would have it, the “acting-judge” was unusually grave and delivered a profound suggestion to the paltry problem. 

The boy-judge continued to offer wise replies to make-believe cases and the game continued, 
Till it was time to take the cows home. 
However, destiny cannot defend one for long, 
And the boy-judge lost his power of Justice, 
As soon as he got down from the mound. 
Gradually, the peace-loving men and farmers discovered their problems at a rapid pace, 
And the play-mound became a popular judgment seat,  with the boy acting as the judge. 

“How the ruler not be the judge? 

And the judge not be the ruler” 

The present ruler of land righteously emerged, 
And as the name would have it, King Bhoja swallowed the Judgement Seat from the boy-judge, 
The seat-mound was dug up deep enough, 
To come upon a slab of marble which was supported by thirty-two idols of beauty and justice, 
Who were ornamented with wings of good faith, 
And eyes open and wide, to test and judge it’s an occupier. 

It was the Judgement Seat of King Vikramaditya. 

The throne so dug, was brought to the Court, 
And as the customs would have it, three days of prayer and fasting was held in its honor, 
Which was observed by all eminent, 
Except for the eminent King Himself! 

But after fasting came the reward and once again, 
King Bhoja pounced on it to assume greatness and justice,

By the virtue of Fortune at the toil of his poor slaves. 

But the Fortune had its own rules, 

And one of the idols of beauty sought Justice from the ruler, 

And charged his conscience and the heart along, 
“Stop! This is the Judgement Seat of Vikramaditya. Do you think you are worthy to sit on this throne? 
Have you never wished to rule over kingdoms that did not belong to you?”

The charge was deep and the gravity was intense, 
Hence the offense was not committed. 
“No! I am not worthy” was all King Bhoja could answer. 

“Then, seek conscience. Purify your soul and sanitize your mind. Observe fasting and prayer for three days and apply for the seat again, 
And yes, when I say fasting, 
It means not to eat food, King Bhoja! 

So, this time let others eat food while you sacrifice!”

The humor was intense and smile on the rank and file was eminent, 

But how could King Bhoja fast by himself! 

And so, King Bhoja let his destiny flew away, 

He could never purify himself to assume the office of Justice, 

And Be the occupier of Judgement Seat. 

But then, he wondered and realized, 
“The cowboy was indeed simple and pure from heart and therefore he could assume the seat without any trial, 

But I could not occupy the seat in spite of being acquitted as the present ruler of the land, 

Indeed, “To rule and to Judge are a class apart”. 

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