The White Rose Leaflets

How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to give himself up individually to a righteous cause?

– The White Rose

The story of The White Rose begins in Nazi Germany in 1933 when Hitler seized the territory and instilled fear and propaganda in all aspects of life. Our heroes Hans and Sophie Scholl were teenagers in the town of Forchtenberg. All aspects of life for the Scholl family and millions of other Germans were under Nazi control.

As teenagers, Hans was a member of the Hitler Youth and Sophie joined The League of German Girls. Rising through the ranks in Hitler Youth, Hans oversaw the training and indoctrination of other young people.

Hans witnessed the zeal of Nazi rhetoric and for the first time, he questioned the Nazi ideology for the first time. Sophie too followed the lines of Hans. At home, their parents Robert and Magdalena started listening to foreign radio stations that the Nazis banned.

When the war broke out, Hans had to take on army duties while attending medical school in Munich. It was there when he met Christoph Probst, Willi Graf, and Alexander Schmorell.

The Nazi Flag

The four friends teamed up and decided to rebel against the ‘mighty’ Hitler in secret and silence. They pooled their money and bought printing materials.

In secret, the team began drafting their message. The message of mysterious anti-Nazi leaflets which were signed under the name, ‘The White Rose’.

The first leaflet urged the true Germans to adopt passive resistance as –

Don’t forget that each people gets the government it deserves! ”

At a time when sarcasm equaled treason, such language was dynamite. Most of these leaflets we’re written by Scholl.

In 1943, the Allied aircraft swooped over stifled Germany, raining tens and thousands of leaflets below. The call to action by ‘The White Rose’ rippled through homes and businesses and the news of their message even reached prisons and concentration camps.

As the war raged further, the White Rose ventured deeper into the conspiracy. Hans made a risky journey to the Czechoslovakian border to meet anti-Nazi rebels. They graffitied buildings and continued their silent war against Hitler.

However, the fate of White Rose ended in Guillotine.

A custodian of the university where Sophie and Hans studied, reported the suitcase of leaflets brought by them to Gestapo. They were questioned, interrogated and tortured but nothing could melt them down to reveal the name of their team members. As they confessed about their ‘war’, they were sentenced to death by Guillotine.

The Guillotine

Always cherish your freedom. Live and let others live. Love your life to the fullest. Talk your heart out. The heroes of the Second World War can never be forgotten. Finally, a big thanks to all LiveLoveTalk viewers!

‘Ah, love! Let us be true to each other’

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  1. This is not a so much bad story.. but the writter should’ve write this differently… Expecting more from this page.. keep it up

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