A Thriller Story: Pink Arrest
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Pink Arrest: A Thriller Story

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A policewoman was on her beat in the late evening. The beat was impressive but was natural too, as the spectators were few. It was still early to call off winter but the occupiers of the street chose to shut themselves in their cozy homes, warmed with household fires. 

At once, the policewoman saw a bearded man beside a shop shutdown constantly looking at his hand, probably on the watch. The darkness of the surrounding made it difficult to see his face, but he nevertheless appeared well off. 

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As yet another string of cold breeze blew, the bearded man took a cigar in his mouth and lighted a match. The glow of the match contrasted with the hue of the dark and his face glowed in the street. The lady cop saw a man in the late thirties who looked rougher than his age. There was a scar on his left chin and he looked tensed as he smoked and looked around. The glow of the stick as the man looked at his bright watch. It was made of diamond.  

The glow again disappeared but somehow the lady cop was attracted towards him. Approaching near, she inquired formally, 

“Waiting for someone?” 

“Yes! , replied the man in a rather surprised tone, “I am just waiting for my girlfriend! It was an appointment made twenty years ago !”  

“Twenty years! She must have been very special for you ”
retorted the lady cop in a rather teasing tone, so teasing that even the late thirty was forced to blush. Gaining control, he continued,  “Yes! Maybe or Maybe not but whatever she was a good old chap! We were good friends right from teens and studied in the same school! I remember our teacher once called us, ‘Best couple of the year!’ in the Annual Function in 11th ” 

“Best couple!” the lady jerked with laughter. “Yes! Only to be corrected with ‘best students of the year’. We used to be in good sports too but she was too choosy with rules and shouted at me whenever I tricked her in a game like a convict” “You are a Bad Boy Bob”, she used to call me. 

The lady cop listened to the story patiently as if for a purpose. “So, we had a good time together dining at Joey’s restaurant ” he sighed as he pointed to the shop shut down beside where he stood .  “It was shut down five years ago, the owner was accused of fraud”, informed the lady cop. 

“Yes, things don’t remain the same with time ” the man gloomed but he tried to continue, “After the high school, we took different paths. She went to the east to become a cop of sorts and I went to the West to gather fortune”, the man finished with his voice swelling with unnatural pride. “Your life must have been good since then, right”, came the remark from the cop. 

“Yes! Life in the West is challenging but rewarding too! You must have the killer instinct to grow”, the man’s voice grew deeper this time with his hand fondling around the watch. 

“So, what was the time fixed? How long will you wait for her ?”, asked the cop at last. “Six o’clock. I will wait for two more hours for her, even more, if I can. In the end, this is for my first…. He wanted to say love but somehow he couldn’t. He could never tell Jane of his feelings. But now was the time. It’s was now his Fortune. “Are you thinking something?” said the cop purposely perhaps after reading his mind from head to tail. “Nothing. I will wait” “That’s good! Happy Waiting !” said the lady cop signing off and she continued on her beat. 

The man continued to wait and withstand the sharp winds piercing his leather jacket and shivering his complete self. He glanced through the street on a winter evening which was as desolate as the mystery night. He waited, perhaps for ages as he thinks but he stayed on the street for a purpose, for his emotion, for his Fortune.

He took out a pinky handkerchief and as he tried to smile recalling his 18th Birthday gift, He heard a shrill voice, “Bob Wells?” The voice was unfamiliar but the name was his and as he tried to figure out the source, A woman came out of nowhere running and panting. She held her hand and kissed his cheek. “Did I made you wait for long?” “No, are you …. “How dare you forget, I am your Jane. ” And the story began.

Two friends. Two classmates. Two lovers. Two introverts. One little less by her action in the present, but still shy. They talked about how their life went ahead, Bob boasted of her heroics in the West and Jane started recalling the pledge of the cop and the two opposites United. 

As Joey’s was shut down, they decided to go somewhere else nearby. 

Though it was her custom, Jane was quieter in the talk, as if she was waiting for something to happen. 

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As they came close to a lighted snack shop, Bob realized something strange. He abruptly released his hand from Jane and declared,  “You are not Jane!” “Why suddenly ?” came the reply. “Twenty years is a long time. But not long enough to change a woman’s nose from Roman to a pug” “Yes, but it is long enough to turn a good man into a bad one!” “You are arrested ‘Silky Bob’ for the last two hours”, pronounced the lady wiping of her lips in regret. 

Bob was speechless. He failed to understand anything in spite of being the undisputed criminal of the West. “Before, I take you anywhere, read this note from the lady FBI agent –    Bad Boy Bob.

Your Jane was at the right place at the right time. When I saw your face in the lighted 
match, I knew that I have located the most wanted criminal of the West. Somehow, I couldn’t do it myself, so I took the help of my colleague. Enjoy, your PINK ARREST Bob.  

Indeed, the arrest was Pink! 

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