kerala mural paintings radha krishna

No.1 Kerala Mural Paintings Radha Krishna Of All Time

Here we present the most beautiful and mesmerizing Kerala Mural Paintings Radha Krishna of all time. These paintings are fully original and unique. They are guaranteed to steal your heart and set your eyes to something beautiful which will change your life forever.

We have presented a beautiful yet profound commentary on the spiritual significance of the scriptures, the relevance of Srimad Bhagavad Gita in modern times, and lots more through our original paintings to spark a positive change in your life.

Be Mesmerized Here:

Kerala Mural Paintings Radha Krishna: Radharani

kerala mural paintings radha krishna
kerala mural paintings radha krishna

Radharani , the soul of shri Krishna . In this artwork l have tried to glorified the beauty of radharani . Radha Krishna murals which is presented in the above three artworks is known as doodle art which enhances the beauty of simple work in new art form.

Knowing more about radharani and lord shri Krishna is very beautiful path towards bhakti and evolving various truth of life.

Radha Krishna Mural Painting Images: Spiritual Drawing

radha krishna mural painting images
radha krishna mural painting images

This beautiful artwork on radha krishna mural painting images portrays the beauty and elegance of the living embodiment of Time like no other. Now, we shall begin our spiritual commentary as promised through this beautiful images:

In the rainy season, mud roads in the villages are not often used by people and thus they become covered with grasses. Similarly, when the authentic scriptures are not studied properly , the pure knowledge becomes covered by speculative and unwanted theories that misdirect the human society.

Scriptures present pristine wisdom descending directly from the supreme lord, to show us the path of transcending miseries and going back to godhead . When thick grasses cover a pathway, no one would be willing to walk on the path or sometimes can’t even recognise it . Similarly if one generation didn’t study, understand , apply and spread the knowledge of the scriptures, the later generations wouldn’t have a precedence and inspiration to study or follow them , or even become aware of them.

Bhagavad Gita is one such scripture, the great enlightening philosophical song sung by Lord Shri Krishna, the supreme lord, to instruct bewildered Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. The Gita is known for its philosophical depth and practical relevance in day to day life. The five truths that embody the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita are Ishvara (god), jiva(living entity), Prakriti(material nature), Kala(time), and karma(activities).

As mentioned above, the scriptural study is of vital importance to a spiritual seeker, and the study of the Bhagavadgita is considered foundational for one’s spiritual understanding. This painting on kerala mural paintings radha krishna tries to portray the importance of spiritual understanding through the symbol of love. Hope you liked it!

Radha Krishna Wall Murals: Pencil of Perfection

radha krishna wall murals
radha krishna wall murals

At the onset, I wish to briefly present a beautiful episode from the divine pastimes of Lord Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu on the study of Bhagavad Gita through this beautiful Kerala Mural Painting Krishna. I believe that this pastime and Srila Prabhupada’s explanation on it reminds us of the key requirement for the understanding of the Gita, apart from our intellectual efforts.

At shri Rangakshetra , a brahman Vaishnava used to recite the bhagavadgita. But he could not pronounce the words correctly . So, people would criticise and laugh at him . As he read the Gita, his hairs stood on the end, tears welled up in his eyes , and his body trembled.

Lord shri chaitanya Mahaprabhu , who is none other than Lord shri Krishna, the speaker of the Bhagavadgita , saw the brahmana and became very happy . He asked the brahmana which portion of the Gita was giving him so much joy. The brahmana replied, “I am an illiterate. I am reading the Gita as per the ok orders of my guru. When I read the Gita , I only see Krishna sitting as Arjuna’s charioteer . Taking reins in his hands , he appears very beautiful and blackish. Seeing krishna instructing Arjuna, I am filled with ecstatic happiness.”

Lord chaitanya told him, “You are an authority in the reading of Bhagavadgita. Whatever you know constitutes the real purport of the Gita .” Lord chaitanya embraced him and revealed to him that he was lord Krishna himself. The lord is pleased by devotion and faithful submissiveness to the instruction of the guru, but not by erudite scholarship or sharp intelligence. The real import of the Gita or any other Vaishnava scripture is revealed to one who has faith in the Supreme Lord and guru. It doesn’t depend on external things like pronunciation or scholarship.

Scholarship could be a by product of one’s scriptural study , but the intended end product is the development of good character, and ultimately love for the supreme lord Krishna. Reaching such a pristine goal begins with the baby steps of practising various elements of sadhana prescribed by our acharyas , of which scriptural study in the association of devotees is an important one.

Hope you liked our artistic attempt to portray kerala mural paintings radha krishna in whole new spiritual light to bring a torrent of positivity in your life. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. As Gita also says, the conversation is critical to grow and develop together.

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