Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna

The art above is a Lord Krishna doodle art . It is made in a bit new way actually, first the water colours are applied, then doodle work and then pencil colors are applied to make the depth . Yes it took me atleast 4 hrs for doodle because it is bit tough to find out new designs but it is still great fun . Drawing and art is a stress booster not a burden . Trying my hard go develop new form , trying new styles because every trial has an outcome and may one day will achieve the goal.

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2 thoughts on “Lord Krishna Doodle Art : No.1 Painting to kickstart your day”

  1. प्रवीण पंत

    मन को मोह लेने वाली पेंटिग है, आप आगे भी ऐसी ही मनमोहक पेंटिंग बनाते रहिये येही दुआ है मेरी।

  2. Meenakshi Dhoundiyal

    Beautiful,so deep and powerful.. wonderful imagtion…wish u all the best sriyansh..ur are upcoming star artist of the india…

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