Lord Krishna Artwork


This picture above is a piece of art that is canvas painting with the acrylic color sand combination of colors depict the Indian colors and Indian culture.

 Here, we have shown Meera and Krishna. Meera, who has given her life to Krishna bhakti who has overcome every problem just by chanting the maha-mantra, “Hare Krishna Ji“, depicts that when any of his devotees completely devotes himself/ herself to him, he is always there to help them. 

Here, I have tried to picturized the emotions of a pure soul for his extreme lord. This relation is indescribable and could not be explained in any form but I have tried to put those emotions on the canvas and paint my thoughts.

 At last, I would just say that as a jewel worthy when someone wears it,  a similar thing happens with the soul until or unless it does not reach its ultimate goal which is  the supreme lord, it’s worthless.

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