We at Live Love Talk are a bunch of teenagers out here to share our love in the form of art and literature. We believe in sharing what we know with the world. Our work is genuine and creativity is our priority. Join us today to see the world from a different perspective.

We started with just two members in the winter season last year with an ambition to embark on a creative journey. We were fully amateur in the field of blogging and had zero experience in managing a site. We had the vision to go out of the regular curriculum and do something different and the result is for all of you to see. We started with creative stories and shayari but have increased our artistic range to quotes and poems as well. We have worked extremely hard during this global pandemic and the lockdown to provide value and joy to our users. It was during this lockdown that we have compiled the best creative course for our coveted readers. It comes free of cost with site subscription. The ebook has been downloaded and appreciated by many readers across regions. We believe in the power of positivity. Till date, through our creative posts, we have tried to rejuvenate our readers with light and hope amidst this looming crisis. We believe that strong mental health is important to fight modern battles in the 21st century. We have made a significant leap in audience reach in these six months. And we wish far from here together with our dedicated users. Let me quote some few lines from my favorite poem: “I believe that I can throw a pebble upwards, And pierce the heavens, and see the angels at play” .With this indomitable spirit and energy, we surge forward in unexplored creative horizons through various digital means. We have sown the seeds of hope and now it is the time to touch the skies. We always value and appreciate user feedback. You can contact us at writetous@livelovetalk.com. Be Awesome and Relive your Life called the New Normal!