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Laptop Shoppers Guide: With the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent measures taken by the authorities, all of us are forced to restrict ourselves in the comfort of our homes. Our life must go on and so too our work, which has given rise to the brand-new laptop-based #WorkFromHome culture. But finding your ideal laptop is never easy!

This culture has seen a rise in the demand for laptops for office use. Likewise, all of us are also looking for stunning PCs to kill the quarantine boredom and relish some refreshing content on streaming platforms connecting with smart devices. All this needs your No.1 my choice laptop with a stunning display and this laptop shoppers guide will help you find one! 

So, stay with us for your favorite laptop with a killer display! 

There are two main parameters to choose the right display for your laptop besides some minor ones. We will disclose every pro features and added tips so that you choose your brilliant device on your own! 

Laptop Shoppers Guide: Optimal Screen Size

Laptop Shoppers Guide
Laptop Shoppers Guide

The first parameter for the right display is Screen-Size. The screen is a very important aspect of your laptop. Remember the formula: 

“Bigger the Screen, Heavier the Laptop.

-Livelovetalk team

So, finding the right display-size is very important for your laptop to look and feel great! Laptop screens are always measured diagonally and the most common screen size is 15.6 inches. 
Large Screen Size is ideal for gaming or video editing whereas the smaller-screen size is not suitable in current times as there is no way to carry them around.  

So, the current laptop-based #WorkfromHome trend suggests that you should find your desired screen-size anywhere between 16-17 inches. 

Laptop Shoppers Guide: Display Resolution

The second parameter for stunning display is ‘Display Resolution’.

Remember the formula: 

“Higher Screen Resolution = Sharp, Clear, and rich visual experience.

-Livelovetalk team

There are three types of Display Resolution – HD, Full HD, and 4K. Our expert research suggests that you should go for Full HD resolution as it provides the right balance between cost, good visuals, and battery life. 

Laptop Shoppers Guide: Ports and Connectivity

Besides all this, you should also be concerned with the ports and connectivity of your laptop. A few ports to look out for include:

  1. USB type-A: They are used to connect your laptop with devices like Pen drives, mobile phones, etc. Always remember a Higher number with USB = Faster Speed.
  2. USB Type-C: They are used to connect your laptop with universal chargers and docks.
  3. HDMI: They are used to connect your laptop with an LED TV or projector.
  4. Thunderbolt: They are the latest and fastest type of connector for laptops. They are best described as a Type C + DisplayPort combo. If you find a ⚡ sign next to USB-C ports, you can tell that the Laptop has Thunderbolt-enabled USB-C ports. They allow charging or connection with displays with a single port.

Laptop Shoppers Guide: Add-on tips

Apart from these key parameters, some other add-on tips for a stunning laptop display are: 

1) Choose the IPS display for a complete visual feast for you and your family in this COVID-19 Lockdown. 

2) Choose a laptop with a refresh rate of 80-90Hz for a smooth gaming experience. 

3) Choose a bezel-less display for your laptop so that you can enjoy bigger displays without an increase in body size. 

4) Choose a Laptop with a Matte display which is guaranteed to give you stunning clarity for a lot of content creation. This will suit your #WorkFromHome needs besides giving your laptop a touch of the latest trend. Don’t be swayed with Glossy display styles. They suffer from various reflections and make the colors on the monitor pop.

If you follow our expert advice listed above, you are guaranteed to choose your ‘My Choice Laptop’ with a killer display which will allow you to finish your projects faster and help you to enjoy better in the lockdown period.

The world is opening its doors for an exciting digital future! Are you ready? Share your thoughts about the new world order post-COVID-19 in the comments below!

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