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Meet the Jio!

Jio Meet VS Zoom: Zoom had enough! Meet the new Jio Meet which is already live on iOS and Android for all of you to connect with the HD life! The collaborative platform is a bold yet creative decision taken by Jio yet again which will change lives like anything! Again, we need to say, ‘Darr ke aage deal hai!’

Let’s now set our basics right.

Jio Meet VS Zoom: What is JioMeet?

Jio Meet is an HD video conferencing mobile application that is designed to capitalize on the surging demand for such collaborative tools to support work from home and other needs during the COVID-19 lockdown. JioMeet uses SSL 128-bit encryption to ensure the security of your calls. This means your calls are protected in transit. You can also view and listen to old video calls if needed. JioMeet brings a Conference History Feature in tow as well. Are these features enough for jio meet vs Zoom epic clash! Let’s find out!

Jio Meet VS Zoom: How JioMeet can counter ‘Zooming’?

The situation is the mother of opportunities. The need to #WorkFromHome and #LearnFromHome has suddenly changed our definition of ‘Zooming’. This has raised privacy issues as well. Now, JioMeet’s strategy suggests it will counter Zoom with distinctive collaborations to win the battle called Jio Meet VS Zoom! Some of them are as under:-

(1) JioMeet with eHealth platforms

This collaboration will allow users to consult doctors virtually, get prescriptions, order medicines, and lab tests online. Doctors can also avail of digital waiting room features to cater to the needs of their patients.

(2) JioMeet with eEducation platforms

This collaboration will create virtual classrooms for students and teachers, record sessions and notes, assign and submit homework, organize time-bound tests, and offer multimedia content for students to self learn.

(3) JioMeet with “Messenger Might”!

This leads us back to the #JioFacebook deal. Facebook which has already announced its investments for a 9.99% stake in Jio platforms also launched Messenger rooms this month allowing 50 people to Video Call without any time limit.

“Between Whatsapp and Messenger, more than 700 Million Accounts participate in calls every day”

– Facebook Inc.

Jio Meet VS Zoom: The Mind Game and Beyond…

The Mukesh Ambani-led telecom industry pursed a profit of Rs. 2331 Crore for the January-March period. This profit margin is 177% higher than in the last quarter. Further insights of Jio Growth can be inferred from the fact that the monthly average data usage per user has surged high and handsome to 11.3 GB in the present quarter. Voice consumption per user has also increased to 771 minutes per month.

Experts indicate that Jio Inc will be able to leverage the present opportunity amidst lockdown by providing ‘grandma easy’ virtual environment so that the game called digital is for anybody and everybody. Hence, Mukesh Ambani has performed the Masterstroke in Mind Games by causing this epic Jio Meet VS Zoom clash!

Jio Meet VS Zoom: How JioMeet mean Crores in GB?

The main strength of Jio has been its adaptability to situations. It’s the video-conferencing debut for the epic jio meet vs zoom clash too signifies this fact. It gives users the ability to work any device, on any operating system for systematic connect in these trying times. For Quality Assurance into the next arena, Pro Plans are also launched which lets you greet with 720p call quality. The maximum reach of the plan is 100 people.

For larger connectivity, JioMeet has good options for Free Users as well! High-Quality Calls are accompanied by even exchange texts in an overlay over the video call.

In the nutshell, JioMeet is a dialogue for all users – big or small. It provides uniqueness, it provides collaboration and it is effective. Business is a means to reach higher for long term growth. Let us hear the final word about JioMeet from Senior Vice-President, Reliance Jio Infocomm :-

JioMeet is effective and “this collaboration does not limit to a typical operating platform”

P. Pawar, Senior VP, Reliance Jio Infocomm.

Jio Meet VS Zoom: The Conclusion

Change is the only constant. Jio Meet as a video conferencing platform is trying to compete with the established ‘Zoom’ in the VC app market and is making its mark as the trends for #WorkFromHome are starting to rise. It will be pertinent to observe how this VC platform performs, in the long run, to declare the winner of this epic jio meet vs zoom clash!

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