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order chinese online
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Order Chinese Online: As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact millions of people worldwide, every aspect of our life is drastically impacted due to this pandemic. Now, the question arises- Is it safe to order chinese online? As we try to cope up with how to adapt and rejuvenate our lives amidst the government enforced lockdown, one thing seems clear –

Your Health is your New Oil to the Future”

-Livelovetalk Team

Life must go on and so too our food. Good food brings good life. Several E-commerce websites and apps have restarted their delivery services in full swing offering customers to order chinese online as everyone yearns to bring our lives back to normalcy.

However, this modern life has come with new challenges all related to health. Several news reports have emerged which have narrated the horrific details of Delivery Boys being diagnosed as COVID-19 positive which further fuels the same question – Is it safe to order chinese online? In this situation, accurate information and proper safety precautions are the keys to life which we all call food.

According to The New England Journal Medicine, the Corona Virus which has caused this pandemic (SARS CoV-2) can remain active in Cardboard Surfaces for 24 hours and in Plastic for 2-3 days. The Virus has been observed to be more stable in stainless steel and has been reported to be viable in aerosols. All these substances are a part of the modern-day packaging system, which has poised immense health hazards.

But the readers of this site need not worry! As we present to you detailed safety precautions to be followed on how to order Chinese online for your good health and well-being!

Is it safe to order chinese online – Safety tips before food delivery

(1) Look for Safety Standard Badges in Food Delivery Apps

Attention Readers! Your health is more important than the cost of food! What You Eat will determine Who You Are 😉 So, order only from the delivery apps which has safety badges even if you need to sacrifice your favorite cuisine in the process. With time, your taste buds would improve to help you sustain and grow in this COVID-19 Lockdown. All China Chef and China Wok Lovers, hold on! You will surely win the Corona Fight!

(2) Go For Contactless Delivery Option

Social distancing norms call for contactless delivery trends for all of us. Advisories have been issued for both customers and delivery agents so that the prescribed health protocols are duly followed. We will help you decode the health standards to help you safely order food online-

Non-Apartment Residents: Let your Delivery Boy leave the food parcels outside the door for you to pick up the same without contact. You can also request him to ring the Door Bell to ALERT you.

Apartment Residents: Let your Delivery Boy leave your food parcels in the Security Cabin for you to collect. Don’t let him reach up to the main gate or entrance of the building. This can help prevent your apartment from getting infected.

In addition to the above, it is essential for all of us to resort to online payment options through mobile apps as cash exchange too can increase the chances of virus infection. So pay online to safely order chinese online!

Is it safe to order chinese online- Safety tips after food delivery

(1) Love Your Food But Throw the Package Out

The Virus can remain active on cardboard boxes, aluminum foils, and plastic packages which can spoil your beloved cuisine. Hence, the precaution is better than the cure:

. Once, the food is delivered, transfer the contents into a clean bowl immediately.

. Don’t request for any cutlery along with your food. Eat with your OWN spoons and forks and reject the cutlery received with the package.

Here are some food categories and the precautions you need to take:

GROCERY: Transfer the Cereal Box contents into a clean glass container at home. #Discard_The_Package.

RAW VEGETABLES: Wash the outer surface thoroughly with LUKEWARM water and then store them in the Refrigerator. Same for Eggs but washing must be done with added caution.

Fish, Poultry, and Meat: Again, #Discard_The_Package. Wash the contents throughout and then transfer it to an airtight container for storing in the freezer.

(2) Don’t Sneak a Bite before hand wash

No matter how delicious the food is, handwash is a must for you before you relish and enjoy it. Lather your hands with an antiseptic hand wash. Rinse with water thoroughly for 20 seconds. Avoid your face, mouth, and nose before the hand wash.

You can sing your favorite nursery rhyme to keep a tab on the time 😉 Hurry up! 20 seconds for all teens and olds!

Is it safe to order Chinese online- Add-on tips to make your day with China Chef

(1) Know the Mantra- #Disinfect_To_Protect

Fix a specific area in your home to keep your food parcels before throwing the package out.

After you discard the package, sanitize your tabletop with a disinfectant liquid. Don’t forget to wash your hands as always!

(2) Know The Mantra- #Reheat_To_Serve

You should always reheat your delivered food before consumption. Same for Refrigerated Leftovers. This will remove all likely chances of viral infection.

The reason for the same is the WHO report which has confirmed that Coronaviruses are vulnerable to normal cooking temperatures like 70 degrees centigrade.

Moreover, your food should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than three days. Don’t let your fridge be the playground for the ‘Novel’ virus!

Hope you got answers to the most pertinent question- Is it safe to order chinese online? If you follow these safety tips, then you can easily enjoy your favorite food ordered online and can kickstart your new lockdown life with China Chef and China Wok along with your #WorkFromHome schedules. If you are interested to make awesome content for your new living, click here.

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