In a world where you can be anything be yourself

How will we change our mindset and be unique amidst the crowd? Answer: In a world where you can be anything be yourself. Many times we wonder why we can’t uplift our lives and do some interesting so that we can call ourselves distinct from the crowd. We want to make the right choices, move on the right path towards a goal that is worth achieving in order to live a life worth living. But we fail to find the inspiring momentum to break the inertia and start living a truly independent life with a healthy mindset.

Today, we all are forced to appreciate the utility of the Internet, thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. We have understood how the world can be run and our lives can proceed forward even when the physical movement is restricted. Your readers to are reading this amazing story on the internet. So why not try something productive in this ever-changing world, why not in a world in a world where you can be anyone be yourself?

Now the next question arises: What is in a world where you can be anything, be yourself meaning? What does it take to improve your mindset even in these difficult times and stay motivated to get your life going in your own terms?

Many of us are irritated by this lockdown laden COVID-19 lifestyle. We are frustrated with the limitations enforced on our physical movement, worried about the way things will unfold in the future, and have given up all hope of revival. In such a distressing situation, many confusing thoughts arise in our minds. Like how beautiful life would have been if the virus outbreak would never have happened? Or if we knew about this virus outbreak earlier through a one-time traveler (Spoilers Ahead) and prepared us earlier? In such a situation we trap ourselves in a negative unhealthy mindset making it difficult to believe that In a world where you can be anything be yourself.

Let us find a unique way to deal with our negative thoughts in these challenging times by answering the time travel question! You will not believe it but this time travel question has been solved way before you had expected. By following our story further you will get a nice little surprise, your answer to the time travel question, and the best way to break the negative mindset and show your true colors:

In a world where you can be anything be yourself: The Time Travel Dilemma

in a world you can be anything be yourself
dark series still

What would have happened if we knew about the COVID-19 outbreak before? Could we have prepared ourselves better? How could we have protected ourselves from the various challenges in this pandemic situation provided that we knew about the event before? The answers might lie in the beautiful cinematographic brilliance provided by the creators in the German Science Fiction Series, Dark.

Dark is not just any other Netflix show to kill time in mindless binge-watching. It is one of the brilliant non-English show which the Netflix had ever hosted mixing multiple genres from science fiction to the family drama while presenting a mysterious sinister time travel conspiracy which spans across generations! What this show has to do with our present-day troubles? Read more to find out!

The Official Synopsis of the German-based show as provided by Netflix is as under:

“A missing child sets four families on a frantic hunt for answers as they unearth a mind-bending mystery that spans three generations. ”

– Netflix

This show is about questions more than the answers. The characters in the show get the same device that you desired – The Time Machine. Characters in the show can travel back in time once in 33 years. How lucky these characters are! They can transient the boundaries of time quite easily and solve all their present problems by changing their past actions and thereby, their fortune.

However, this was not the case.

who said "in a world where you can be anything be kind" author
Time Travel Dilemma

All the characters in the series are stuck in their own time loops created because of his/her interference in the past time-space. They get stuck in a black hole of doomed life created of their own which gets worse and worse each time one character tries to break the endless chain. Like for example Ulrich, a character tries to kill Helge which makes Helge approach Noah and murder the kids. Due to this interference in the past, Ulrich’s brother Eric and Yasin perish causing Ulrich to go back to the past and kill Helge because of which another timeline is generated.

The characters understand that anything they change in the past creates a parallel universe and their actions and decisions lead to the creation of a new story in their world created due to their interference in the passage of time.

Just like the real world, Dark is one such show in which the important thing is not ‘where’ events happen but ‘when’ thereby celebrating the supremacy of time to the fullest. No matter whatever we do in the present, even that includes using a time machine to alter events in the past to our advantage, the past is always behind us which we can never negate. Philosophers and thinkers call this phenomenon, the ‘Arrow of Time’.

In other words, time travel is not the solution to our problems even in a cinematographic ambiance where fiction reigns supreme. In the real world, time travel may be possible through time dilation or if we discover an object with negative mass. But that won’t help us to believe that In a world where you can be anything be yourself.

You can always watch this brilliant Netflix show spanning three seasons here. You will love the show because of its near-perfect writing, brilliant fictional landscape, and awesome representation of diverse paradoxical theories. This show demands you to find some spare time with your keen attention but it is definitely worth the watch.

In the world where you can be anything be yourself: How to Break the Negative Mindset

in a world where you can be anyone be yourself meaning in English
break the negative mindset

So, time travel was not a solution. But you got a nice little surprise from us to spend your weekend with an awesome science fiction thriller to watch. How in a world where you can be anything be yourself? The answer might lie in winning mini-battles every day. Find a new hobby that suits you so that you can enjoy and be productive at the same time. Try to be grateful for the little things you have. Try to look for solutions to the problems you face and stop blaming everything on the pandemic situation. It is not the situation which determines our life but the reaction to such a situation.

Developing a new perspective can tremendously help you deal with the present problem. Like we tried to instill positivity in your minds with the time travel example. Likewise, you can also start appreciating the portion of the glass which is full so that steadily fill the empty portion. Having a new perspective can make you stand out from the crowd as it requires courage and belief. But it is definitely easier than resorting to time travel theories.

Finally, we are blessed with the power of the internet. The Internet coexists with the time-space in this real modern world and can help you get educated, know new things every day, and keep you entertained and engaged all day long. What more do you need to grow and improve? Therefore we say, in a world where you can be anything be yourself!

How was our story with a new perspective on positivity? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Your feedback is valuable to us as it can help us and others in this internet forum be amazing in a world where negativity is available free of cost.

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