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We are all going through difficult times. The outbreak of an unknown virus, the enforced lockdown that we are facing, and the way our lives have changed in the past few months are no ordinary. Our lives have been surely affected, but it is not the time to be broke. We need to be intentional in our day to day struggles and our small efforts towards the New Normal.

Humanity has been able to tackle many other epidemics and natural calamities in the past. It is simply amazing to see how the world has come in flying colors after the two world wars and the 1911 epidemic, especially in these times. Humanity has been amazing in showing how we can strive for core principles of a fulfilled life even in these difficult times. It is high time for all of us to apply the lessons of how to be intentional known by the great thinker’s thousands of years ago.

One such great thinker was Gautama Buddha. He was a mendicant, mediator, and spiritual teacher who lived and guided India between the sixth and fourth centuries BC.

Let’s relive the top Buddha quotes on how to be intentional and live a happy life:

Be Intentional Quote 1: Love Yourself

teri zulfon ke saaye mein shayari
love yourself

“You yourself deserve your love and affection more than anybody in the entire Universe”

– Buddha Quotes

You deserve fair and true love- the strongest emotion you can feel. Love you accept and live happy with yourself. Practice self-love and appreciate your small wins and your inner strengths every day.

Practicing self-love needs practice and patience. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love the world around you. Start spending time with yourself and do things that make you feel good every day. Never disturb your peace of mind with the actions of others.

Be Intentional Quote 2: Don’t respond to rudeness


“Never respond to rudeness. When they are rude to you, they don’t reveal how you are. They reveal how they are.”

Buddha Quotes

The perception of outsiders never matters your personal life. The reality remains that there are certain people who create troubles and love to belittle others to vent their inner failures. You need to accept and live with this harsh reality. Be strong and confident to battle against the cobwebs of life. Accept the fact that the core of evil lies deep. Don’t respond to hate and rudeness.

Practice self-reflection every day to know your goals and visions. Do small acts of kindness every day. Receive feedback from the persons who want to genuinely help. Spread love every day to receive the same from like-minded persons. Be awesome.

Be Intentional Quote 3: Share Candle of Happiness

candle light
candle light

“Happiness never decreases by sharing. Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, still, the life of the candle is not shortened.

Buddha Quotes

Love can move mountains. Sharing is caring. Forgiveness is the greatest virtue. When you forgive others, you don’t acknowledge their mistakes to be correct, you only remove your burden of hate and live life more openly.

Reflect your inner feelings every day. Focus on your strengths, work on your weakness, and give your best to love. True love has immense power which you should nurture and cherish every day.

Be Intentional Quote 4: Judge Nothing

inspiring quotes
inspiring quotes

“Judge nothing and you will be happy. Forgive everything so that you can be happier. But love everything you have to be the happiest.

Buddha Quotes

This quote provides the clear-cut mantra to live a happy and fulfilled life. Often we are obsessed with our personal binary judgments and miss peace. Seeking answers blindly and judging everything around you is futile and accepting the mysteries of existence is the true path of enlightenment.

Love is the beautiful balance between the binary opposites plaguing mankind. Give yourself space and the ability to be happy. Learn to forgive quickly to earn the most precious lessons in your life. Enjoy the beauty of creation as it is, an amalgam of good and bad.

Be Intentional Quote 5: Be Thankful

be thankful
be thankful

“Let us rise up to thank whatever we have. If we didn’t learn many, we at least learnt a few. If we didn’t learn even a few, we are at least alive to learn in future”

Buddha Quotes

Exercising gratitude tremendously improves your quality of life. It lifts up your mood and helps you prepare for every new challenge you face daily. Often we ignore the blessings we are enjoying which many are deprived of. Good food, shelter, clothing, and the internet. Let’s be thankful for what we have so that we make better use of our possessions for a better future.

Practice Gratitude everyday. Remember it’s not the situations that affect us. Rather, it is our reaction to the situation which affects us. Be aware of your reaction to situations to win the game called Life.

We hope that you will tremendously benefit from the quotes and the explanations given above. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Share this article with your friends and near ones.

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