Dil Tutne Ki Shayari

Heart broken: Dil Tutne Ki Shayari

Dil Tutne Ki Shayari: In life, there are some moments when you feel to give up on everything. Because when your heart is broken, life sometimes seems useless, and you always miss that person you loved a lot.

But life is all about that. You have to move on, so that’s why we bring you some heartbroken(dil tutne ki Shayari) to help you remember your loved one. We can say that everything in this world is temporary when we talk specially about love, it’s difficult to find the love which is eternal.

So here is the list of all sad dil tutne ki shayari on your plate, by the way, if you want to read more, please follow our shayari and poem section.

Mujh Jaisa kha Dhund paoge !

Mujh Jaisa kha Dhund paoge
Mujh Jaisa kha Dhund paoge

Todh ke mera Dil akhir kha jaoge,
Mujh jaisa na milega koi bad me, bhut pachtaoge,
Meri jaise mohabbat me shiddat akhir kha dhund paoge,
Dur to ja rhe ho aj tum,par mujhe yaqeen hai laut ke vapas tum zarur aaoge!!!

Dil Tutne Ki Shayari: Kitni Khubsurat Hai!

It’s not easy when you trying to move on from something that broke not only your heart but also your life would have been shattered apart could be the gravest feeling ever one can experience.

It is the universal law that you need to go through a challenging phase at least once to come over. But don’t worry; time and words heal every wound.

Kitni Khubsurat Hai
Kitni Khubsurat Hai

Kya kami thi meri mohabbat me,
Jo itna ruthe hue dur chale gye tum,
Mujhe Yun tanhaiyo me chodke kaha ho gye tum gum,
Mujhe tumhari aj sakht zarurat hai,
Yaad jo roz ati hai mujhe itni hassen teri wo surat hai,
Tuta dil leke aj bhi sabko batata hun akhir kitni tu “KHUBSURAT” HAI..
akhir kitni tu “KHUBSURAT” HAI..!!!

Bhut Pachtayga!

Your world becomes upside down when the person you love leaves you and you miss that person a lot, I can tell you it badly hurts. But sometimes there are chances when the person can come back when we give up on our ego’s, talk to them, and resolve the issue.

It’s one of the heaviest feelings when you miss someone and you know somewhere that the person will never gonna come back.

All you have is infinite memories that comes to haunt you for long time.

Bhut Pachtayga
Bhut Pachtayga

Waqt kabhi mera bhi ayga,
Jab mujhe khone ke bad tu bhut pachtayga,
Log muddato tak teri ankho me mujhe dhundenge,
Mujhe to bhula doge tum,lekin un ankho se mujhe kaise bhulaoge,
Mujh jaisi mohabbat karne wala is duniya me akhir
Kaha se laaoge ,
Kaha se laaoge!!!!

In the end, Just want to add that this time will also pass like a memory so enjoy the journey and try to overcome this challenge. Find someone in your life that will be with you for your whole life.