5 Designer Butterfly Pattern and Craft work

Butterflies are often a symbol of beauty. Here we have compiled some of the most beautiful butterfly pattern and craftwork that you can find on the web. These are original works and we intend to offer you something unique and mesmerizing.

Butterfly Figure Pattern and craft work

Butterfly figure

How nature can add its filter to make human look flawless is personified in this drawing. A woman is portrayed in such a way, having a bunch of flowers in its left side and a butterfly wing on the right side that the picture speaks itself. At first, I made a rough sketch with the pencil. As the butterfly wing needed to be beautifully shaded, so, I started to shade the wings with pencil, and at last bordered some portions with pen. We should avoid shading with black pen as it may ruin the whole picture and as a result, it’ll look clumsy.

After shading the wing, I bordered the flower on the left side, and then shaded it with pencil too. At the end I bordered the woman. The bun of the woman can be made by pencil, and the spinal cord should look prominent. At first, I made the spinal cord with pen, and then made a stroke beside it with pencil. This will make the drawing realistic. The picture of butterfly pattern indicates natural beauty.

Shaded Butterfly Pattern and Craftwork and Flowers

This drawing portrays a beautifully shaded butterfly pattern wing in the left half and a half pencil shaded flowers in the right half. The drawing is easy, but it’s time-consuming. The main highlight of this drawing is the shade of the wings, and flowers. At first, I roughly made it with pencil and then I bordered the wing with black pen.

I thought of shading it with pencil, but it did not look prominent, so, I shaded it minutely with pen. In some portions I made dark and in some portions, light. After shading, it, I moved to the flower part. The flowers need to be shaded with pencil mostly. I bordered it with pen, and then shaded most of the flowers fully with pencil. The leaves are darkened by the pen. After completing both the essential subjects, I shaded butterfly’s body lightly with pen at the end.

Mandala Butterfly Pattern and Craft work

As I said Earlier, I’m good at pencil sketches but weak at coloring. The only motivating thought I have is never giving up without trying. So, I chose to try coloring, and it surprisingly ended awesome. This drawing is basically a butterfly pattern with blue colored wing on one side and mandala designed wing on other side. At first, I thought of doing the coloring part in which I’m weak. After sketching it roughly with pencil I applied sky blue water color (tube color) in some portions of the wings, and then shaded it with dark blue color.

To make the shade better I further applied white color. After making the shades, I moved to the right side which was mandala. Earlier, I used to do mandalas with normal black pen, but today, I did it with micron pen which was super comfortable to use, especially on minute details which need a thin nib. It’s not necessary to draw every details of the design as shown in the picture. We can make whatever design we want but it should be prominent and neat. After completing the mandala, I bordered the wings to make it look prominent. There are some minute pores in the wings which I made with micron pen. And at the end I darkened its body.

Zentangle Butterfly Pattern and Craftwork

Zentangle is an easy and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Basically it’s a butterfly pattern whose wings are designed with different patterns. I did most of the drawing with pen as I felt easy, but if its uncomfortable with pen then we can first draw with pencil, and then border it with pen. It’ll be easy if we make the stripes with micron pen rather than black pen as micron has a thin nib. We can make the patterns with the help of scale also and it’s not at all a time-consuming drawing.

Flying Butterflies Pattern and Craftwork

This is a little different creation, but its very simple to make. So, I thought of making cute little butterflies, but not on boring white sheet. Instead of that I took a yellow sheet and on that I made little flying butterflies. It kind of look like stencil but it’s not. At first, I made the butterflies with pencil, and then colored it with black water color.

I tried to shade the wings a bit with white color. As the butterflies are small, so, I prefer to use a thin paintbrush, or else if it’s uncomfortable then, we can darken it by pen. After completing it I fixed it on white paper and bordered the side with a black pen so that it looks like a frame. We can decorate the image by glitters or any decorative items. It’s a good image of a butterfly pattern to be used in wall painting. For more beautiful artworks click here.

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