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How easy it is to have a glimpse at someone and judge them before knowing even a single thing about them. She had been judged more than once. Evil resides in everyone, but to what extent can it go to show it’s hideousness? The movie Chhapaak can make you witness it. It is much more than the struggle of an acid-attack victim. The movie comes with the capability of shaking your psychology.

The release date of Chhapaak

The movie got released on the 10th of January. The promotions of the movie had been going on with full speed and it gave Laxmi Aggarwal have a say and people came to know her more closely.

The Storyline and theme of Chhappak

Chhapaak follows Malti, an acid survivor who was attacked in 2005. The story traces her struggle as she goes on a mental and physical grinding phase. She almost reaches a point where she would give up. As the story progresses, Malti gets financial support to overcome difficulties that arise regarding her treatment.

Malti joins an NGO known as Chhaya and keeps on fighting for justice. The dates keep pending and the attacker keeps on getting bail but ultimately faces the wrath of the heinous crime and is sentenced to 10-year imprisonment. With time, we realize that the story is much more than Malti’s journey as she joins so many acid survivors on the way.

The case keeps on moving the audience due to the state in which it drives the victims. In a way, it fills the audience with rage and the damage that is caused seems to be irreparable. The cause becomes bigger with time and slowly the law seems to be working on the ban of acids countrywide.

The theme of hope and life appears to settle in as Malti’s life gets on track. She faces many challenges including her bother’s ailment and personal problems but she wins these small battles one by one and rises up as the victor. Finally, she falls in love with the head of the NGO Chhaya who had left journalism to strive for the welfare of acid attackers.

In the end, there is a taste of victory but a realization dawns upon the audience as we are shown the stats. With 252 acid attacks in the country nationwide in 2017 and the latest attack on 27 December 2019, we realize the truth. The truth is that this thing is much bigger than we could have thought and Malti’s journey has just made the beginning of this.

Cast of Chhapaak

The main protagonist of Chhapaak is Deepika Padukone and her co-actor is Vikrant Massey. With such talented casts on board, the movie has been able to drive all the emotions in its audience and could actually make us feel what the victims go through.

A Special Lesson

Chhapaak showed that is high time that people should realize that when a girl says no it means a no. Such acid attacks are the outcome of intense jealousy and hatred which might be related to one’s ego being wounded. These feelings arise when a girl says no to him. What kind of man can force a 15 year to marry him and when she doesn’t respond, he decides to destroy her life.

Such people are not only sick but are the most unwanted on this earth. Even if they are sentenced to death, it really isn’t a big deal because their existence never had mattered in the first place. The problem lies in the mentality of such people, but one who does not understand or work for his own life, how will he understand a girl’s situation when she says no? Even if the girl has said yes and later says no, men should accept it instead of taking revenge by brutal means.

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