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Brave Girl Story: Noor Inayat Khan was a staunch believer in pacifism. She believed in non-violent settlement of disputes of any kind. But she departed her mortality as World War II’s most charismatic secret agent, a British Spy. She is honored as a hero who fought secret battles behind enemy lines and paved the way for freedom without dropping single blood. Her last words were, “Liberte!”.

Noor was born in 1914 to an Indian Muslim father and an American mother in the city of Moscow. She was moved to Paris but no one could move her from Sufism, music, and compassion. She studied child psychology and published children’s books. Her life was supposed to be lead in profound peace and tranquility.

But we are in the midst of the Second World War, sponsored by Nazis powered by hatred. So, began this brave girl story.

The German army was ready to occupy Paris in May 1940 and Noor was in the midst of dilemma- she could fly pigeons amidst bombardments or choose a life of stealth and win the peace.

She chose the second alternative.

She traveled to England and delivered volunteer services for the Woman’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) as a radio operator. She closely monitored the wireless operations and Morse code only to find herself monitored by a secret nationalist organization, The British Special Operations Executive.

The stealth organization was attracted to Noor with her skills as a trained radio operator who was fluent in Paris and French. The entity needed these skills to sabotage Germans in Nazi occupied countries.

And now comes the Interview with Noor Inayat Khan in Brave Girl Story

brave girl story
Noor Inayat Khan

Noor was questioned less and warned more in the interview. Wireless operations are some of the most lethal jobs in the Intelligence field where you have to lug a conspicuous transmitter through enemy terrain, where you have to lug a conspicuous transmitter through enemy territory and the government, right.

Noor cannot compromise with her pacifist principles, but she had to learn the art of espionage and resist interrogation. She accepted the offer gleefully.

She was a quick learner and soon mastered how to contact intelligence networks, pick a lock and fire a gun. She herself armed with a false passport francs and intruded the city of love, and a few French gets with her able network.

But her affair in this brave girl story was shortlived.

All her fellow agents we’re caught within one week of deployment. Britain could not risk Noor’s life, they called her back. But she insisted to stay so that she can handle six radio operators singlehandedly, at the cost of her life.

Her activities in the following months Britain and allied forces realize her lifelong dream- end war without blood.

She tracked supplies to the French resistance, transported them and sent reports of the Nazi activity back to London. She arranged safe passage for allied soldiers and stealthily build the French Resistance.

Who protected Noor Inayat Khan in this brave girl story?

Noor Inayat Khan, that is herself. She concocted stories of the casual tour of a film projector, chatted about her radio listening passion and charmed the Nazi guards to help her set up the spy cable.

Yes, Nazi helping to defeat Nazi!

Her aide was none other quick thinking and charisma.

Who stopped Noor Inayat Khan in this brave girl story?

The relative of her colleague out of jealously to win love. A sister of her colleague in order to win the love of her agent that loved Noor sold Noor’s address to the Gestapo.

Noor was caught, she broke into an escape, she was again caught. She was to Dachau concentration camp, tortured, deprived and isolated. Nazis turned to animals one more time, to get the secrets of the French resistance uprising. Finally, she was executed. She echoed the chant of freedom and enjoyed a heroic sacrifice.

Enjoy your freedom. Offer a salute to Noor Khan.

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