Democracy has shaped the lives of millions of people in today’s world. It is the product of the expansive vision laid down by the greatest visionaries of the land. It has been the most revered justice of the multitude of people as the most cherished dream which is hoped to continue till eternity. Democracy has always shown the path of light and Truth and had deviated the rank and file from the darkness of Ignorance.

Democracy gives a fair chance to all and equitable treatment to all the constituents of the land we call our home. Through such just and fair treatment, Ignorance peeps in between trying to force us to believe that Autocracy is always required to deliver critical decisions.

‘The Truth shall Triumph’

To dispel the darkness of Ignorance yet again, we need to always let the Truth Triumph. Hence, I present to you this narrative created and crafted by myself. I also thank all the readers of LiveLoveTalk for providing your valuable feedback.

Somewhere around the medieval era, there lived a semi-barbaric king who was more attracted to the emptiness of barbarism rather than the shining light of Democracy coming from the Latin neighbors. His attraction led him to believe only in exuberant fancy which gets lethal with the royal authority he claims hold off. Nothing pleased him more than crooked straight and crush down uneven places in his self-created delusion.

Public Arena

The primary product of his barbaric attraction includes his self-created public arena of justice filled with beastly valor and empty manliness. The arena was not meant for entertainment nor for securing justice to his subjects but for stooping down the epitome of justice to the baser levels of entertainment.

The vast amphitheater comprised encircling galleries, mysterious vaults, and unseen passage. The semi-barbaric king in his delusion of creating an everlasting conflict between opinions and claws forced his subject belief in the Ignorance. We as readers should never believe the theater to be an agent of poetic justice for the further growth of barbaric idealism throughout the kingdom.

‘Ignorance of Autocracy’

When any subject residing in the semi-barbaric kingdom was accused of a serious crime, it was always decided that the fate of the accused can be tested in the King’s arena itself. All his other subjects were forced to come in the King’s arena to enjoy the entertainment called justice for the further growth of barbaric idealism throughout the kingdom.

As the subjects assemble, the king sat high on the royal throne and imparts the signal to let the accused be presented. The accused accordingly steps out into the amphitheater for his FINAL day, if his luck does not preserve him. There were two identical doors built side by side on the other side of the amphitheater. The person forced on trial will directly walk to these doors and open them as per his personal choice. The accused was not allowed to take help from anyone for his FINAL decision. On one of the doors lied a very cruel tiger who is ready to sprang upon it’s victim being left unfed for one whole month.

However, if the accused opens the other day, the accused is forced to behold the crown of Medusa. The first door offered a torturous death whereas the second allows an option of easy death for the delight of the audience in general.

The Two Doors (Picture Credits –

What is Behind these Doors of Justice?

Now, our semi-barbaric king had a blooming daughter like a beautiful florid fancy with the soul containing nothing but good. She was the apple of the eye of the king and he loved her most dearly. The blooming daughter was in love with an equally fine young man who always contained democratic principles in his heart. The royal maiden was well pleased with her dutiful lover and also approved all the ideals he firmly believes in.

However, as the Luck would have it, one fine day the semi-barbaric King discovered the love-affair and considered it to be, illicit and grave. He was immediately cast into prison and preparations began for the grand trial in the King’s arena. The days flew as fast as the fluke of Ignorance and the FINAL day was knocking near the fate of the lover. The fine young man knew that he would be tried the next day. He feared that he would die the next day.

Behind the Bars

The semi-barbaric king was excited for the FINAL day of the fine young man. He recalled very well how that lover rejected his offer to act as a ‘thinking puppet’ in his Court when he was searching for a job.

Out of his fluke of excitement, he went to the young man’s cell and yelled loud and clear, ‘You are over tomorrow. Tell me your last wish’.

‘I want to meet YOUR daughter’, said the young man quiet politely.

‘Uff! This nasty fools!’, said the King as he ordered to bring HIS daughter near this ‘nasty’ man.

The blooming daughter arrived but not to meet the young man. She went near to the cell and yelled louder, ‘I want my WISH to be fulfilled the next day’.

The young man was finally relieved.

The magic to unfold…

The stage was already set, the King ascended the throne before the dawn so that not even the Sun can beat him on this day. The audience started to pour in as the day ascended and the puppet courtiers too took their place.

It was time for the accused to open the doors. The doors of Justice.

As the King began to yawn for his early rise, the fine man arrived. He looked at the two identical doors, but he started to go the other way round. Towards the throne of the King himself.

As he set his foot under the pedestal of the Royal Throne, he bowed before the King. Everybody was stunned. This was the first time anyone bowed before the King.

The King looked awkward. He didn’t know what to do. So, the fine man only spoke-

‘YOUR daughter has forced me to fulfill her wish today’.

‘But today you will die’, said the King without hesitation.

‘Do you LOVE your daughter?’, asked the young man with due conviction.

‘Yes’, replied the King. ‘Then you should hear, YOUR daughter wants to marry me alive’, said the young man as if in eerie silence.

The King had to swallow his own barbarism for the sake of his blooming daughter, now-to-be called as the epitome of Justice.

“Search the Truth. Let the Truth Triumph”

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  1. Such a incredible story ,starting was a little bit slower but after that it turns in a beautiful way… Keep it up guys… Waiting for the next one

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