Be stronger than your strongest excuses

Excuses have always limited us and you have to be stronger than your strongest excuses if you want to rise up and shine. Today, we bring you some of the best quotes crafted by me sharing this same mindset which will be a reminder to you, as to why you are stronger and how excuses are nothing but escapes that you need to avoid.



Focus on you,
Until the focus is on you

Do you know what really stays in your mind most of the time? Whatever you focus on becomes food for your brain. You think about it and act according to it. Think about negativity all day and see how your day gets ruined. Similarly, until you focus on yourself, you won’t grow, you won’t improve. This can be synonymous with self-love where you yourself are the biggest priority, but it’s not close to being selfish.

Your Story

I write my story
I control my plot

This quote simply depicts the control you have over your life. For most people, they are not controlling their lives and blame others. They sit at the back seat and let someone else do the driving. What you should be doing is, start taking responsibility, and take action. Write your own story and control where you go in life. This quote is very relevant to songs by Neffex.

Be Stronger Than Your Strongest Excuses

You are Stronger than your excuses

The above quote speaks all of itself and doesn’t need an explanation. However, how many of us actually realize it and come out of the cocoon to take action? Let’s just remember that excuses don’t take you anywhere, actions do.

my rules

My Rules

Set your own rules,
Run at your own pace,
In your own lane
Coz when you fail, society won’t take the blame.

This quote is a descriptive one where the idea is propagated that you don’t have to be the best in the room. Just be a better version of yourself and improve every day. Don’t chase fantasy goals set by society or other people. Don’t hear what they say, they don’t know you. Following blind ideas will only lead you to failure where you will have no one but yourself to blame.


I want it,
I will earn it,
End of story.

Can you relate to the sharp mindset behind this quote? It leaves no scope for excuses or any distractions. It’s all about how bad you want it. Only two elements exist: You and your goal, rest everything is a blur. You are on a mission and you will chase your goal down and that’s the only outcome you can afford. Obviously, these kinds of mindset don’t come by preaching, it must come from within your attitude.

We hope you enjoyed these quotes and they will make you think in a more positive way and made you realize that you have to be stronger than your strongest excuses. . May you be able to take action in your life. For some more motivational quotes visit here.

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