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When we say center for independent living, we don’t mean any NGO or Self-Help Group to support the needy. We mean the mindset that is needed to break the barrier and set our mind free for fresh and independent thoughts. It is true that the whole of mankind is undergoing a never known crisis and our lives have been reduced to a storyline of the mysterious yet devastating plot. You know what I mean, the COVID-19 outbreak and the government enforced lockdown it comes with.

But the beauty of mankind has been its success story among the most challenging situations. We have surpassed the stone age troubles, slave trade menace, and have witnessed two World Wars. Still, we have fought back to every challenge we faced and came with flying colors. Then, what’s wrong this time?

It is true that the cases of COVID-19 are increasing day by day. We are locked in our homes and witnessing a world, wearing an attire never known before. The face of mankind today is covered on masks. Our future seems uncertain. Our hopes seem dismantled. But how can we give way our instinct to survive, our instinct to grow to an inferior virus species like SARS CoV-2? We will surely win the fight biologically and through our mental strength and establish the Center for Independent Living for once and for all.

Let’s explore the difficult times faced on the outskirts of Mount Tambora in 1815 and the making of Frankenstein to go deeper into the concept of the indomitable spirit of Mankind:

Center for Independent Living: Making of Frankenstein

Ted-ed Lesson

The summer of 1815 was marked with the exception of Mount Tambora which plunged various parts of the world into darkness and embarked a gloomy period known as ‘The Year Without A Summer’. The situation was much similar to the Lockdown Life which we are facing today.

Like most other people, the vacation of Mary and Percy Shelley at the house of Byron was mostly spent indoors. Mary Shelley was a perfect victim of various other harsh realities of life. She had to face great internal conflict as she entered her adolescence and endure many hardships as women in the contemporary period.

However, when Byron threw a challenge to his companions whether they could write the most chilling ghost story or not, Mary didn’t miss the opportunity.

She engaged in deep work over the next few years to craft the story of Frankenstein. Her work is a testimony of her strong willpower, ability to fight internal conflicts, and a deeper understanding of birth and creation.

Though written in the 19th century, Frankenstein is very much relevant in modern times as one of the first cautionary tales about artificial intelligence. The tale portrays Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s corruption of nature and his fatal quest for glory as he constructs his monster and electrifies him into existence. The terror poised by Monster Frankenstein was not supernatural, but created in a laboratory by a greedy scientist. This is very similar to the COVID-19 outbreak as well, which has reportedly spread from Wuhan China.

The monster destroys the center for independent living for humans and constitutes his most fatal flaw, Hamartia.

His god-complex is most aptly portrayed in this line:

“Life and Death appear to me ideal bounds which I should first break through and pour a torrent of light onto our dark world”

– Frankenstein

However, neither Frankenstein existed for eternity, nor the Virus will.

Center For Independent Living: Conclusion

So, whether it is Mary Shelly fighting against odds to craft her masterpiece named ‘Frankenstein’ or you and me trying to combat survive and grow in this Pandemic, the ability to fight inner battles is paramount. We need to accept the difficult times ahead but at the same time be positive and muster the courage to fight daily struggles and win our Life called the New Normal. Nothing is Permanent, and this applies to the Pandemic as well.

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