an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward

Let’s be honest! We all are struggling to get our life through 2020! But what’s the way out? The only way to grow this year is to recognize that life is like an arrow. An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. And so, if your life is getting bitter by the taste of pandemic, something better is there in store.

The law of nature says: Everything is Temporary. The dry leaves of autumn give us a withered feeling of the rough environment around, but that also means that the blooming spring is near. So, why not accept this natural law and grow from our COVID struggles? To shoot your life to new heights, let’s allow life pulling an arrow back!

I will be frank in this post. I too am struggling amidst this unexpected crisis. But I Believe in consistent action. I have understood from my daily struggles that life is like an arrow quote. So, I am here presenting with you some thought-provoking arrow quotes:

1. An Arrow Can Only Be Shot By Pulling It Backward: Let’s Aim Higher!

life is like an arrow quote
life is like an arrow quote

“Your Life is like an arrow and your mind should be like an archer. Don’t focus on the bow but rather fix your eyes on higher aims for a better future”

The mind can lead you to infinite possibilities. Don’t let your mind bow down to the present struggles you face. Let your mind be fixed on your next higher aims which can help you rise to the position you deserve. Life never moves in a fixed fashion. It does change and it’s upto you how well you respond to the change to make your life worthwhile.

Now, you will tell me: How to find our higher aims in life? The answer is to observe the world around you and find a passion that suits your interest and soul. So, let’s say it again: An Arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward!

2. Life is Like an Arrow Quote: Take a Bow!

pulling an arrow back
pulling an arrow back

“The First Step to solve your problems is to accept them. Take a Bow in front of your mighty struggles in life so that life can help you pick up a bow to shoot your dream arrows to higher destinations”.

Accepting your problems is the first step to solve them. If you live in constant denial that you have no problems as of such and your troubles are caused by some outside factors, then you will never be able to solve them.

So, take a bow in front of your problems and accept that it needs to be solved for your happy life. Trust me, this needs courage. Once, you do this, life itself will open new ways to help you shoot dream arrows for your better future. Remember, the same life which can offer you a beset of difficulties can also guarantee you the peace you desire.

Take a bow, accept your worries, pick up the bow, and shoot dream arrows to new heights! Many people will consider this as the meaning to the quote: an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward.

3. Pulling an Arrow Back: The Power of Compound Interest

an arrow can only be released by first pulling it back
an arrow can only be released by first pulling it back

“To struggle and to believe is breaking the inertia and achieving the blissful paradox. You’re daily actions keep compounding for unbelievable results. Keep believing.

Our actions keep on compounding even if we don’t pay attention to them. However, if we act intentionally to break our problems every day, they can lead to astounding results. That’s due to the power of compound interest. You add your actions and the graph of your results goes higher.

That’s the reason why pulling an arrow back can help you shoot your dream arrow to faraway destinations. Never settle with less. Keep dreaming for more and believe and act to become.

How were my quotes on an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward? Do share your feedback in the comments below. Soon we will grow an ever-growing positive community!

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