After Life
After life

You are the author of a famous book, The Book of the Dead, a 78-foot papyrus scroll designed to help you attain immortality.

Your book contains magic, the particular spells, the prayers and the codes for an after-life adventure. You have customized your book, for your spirit, for your Atman, so that you can re-unite with your mortal self.

Beginning of YOUR After Life Journey

But first, you are DEAD.

Your body is being mummified by a team of priests, who are no less than master surgeons. They remove every organ of your body except one, the heart. It is the seat of emotion, memory, and intelligence. It is the organ that is to be tested. It is the the organ which is to be weighed and questioned.

Your heart is then stuffed with a salt called natron and wrapped in resin-soaked linen. In addition, the wrappings are woven with charms for protection and topped with a heart scarab amulet, that will prove important later on. The amulet will be the attendant of your heart, the key witness of your mortal suit.

But first, you must pass through the underworld, the DUAT. You face with your worst fears here – the lakes of fire, magical gates guarded by snakes and half-human crocodiles, who proclaim,“ I am the beast who dances in blood”. And if you think this the worst, then you are yet to face, the Serpent God of Destruction, Apep, who lurks in shadows waiting to swallow your soul!

So tasty! So fresh!

But No! You are clever. In your Book of the Dead, you have the magic to cross through the underworld. You chant the code, fling prayers from your soul and traverse all obstacles successfully.

You repel all monster’s acts and stealthily avoid
Apep, to reach the DIVINE COURTROOM of the Lordship named Ma’at, the goddess of Truth and Justice. You are facing your FINAL CHALLENGE. Your FINAL CASE.

Final Step of YOUR After-Life Journey

You are judged by 42 assessor gods who must be convinced that you have lived a righteous life. And mind you, they are killer assessors!

You approach each one of the assessors, addressing them by name and declare –

“I have never committed any sin like making others cry, polluting the water and caught in eavesdropping. Let me go through”.

But as you declare your stand before the assessors, you felt a pinch in your heart. Your heart was about to recall the time when you listened to your neighbor’s fight or washed your feet in the Nile.

You didn’t live such a perfect life after all!

All your adventure was about to dwindle in despair. But then, your heart scarab amulet came in the picture, the attendant of your heart all this while. It whispered slowly into the heart, “Do not stand a witness against me”.

And the heart STOPPED. TO RECALL.


Now, comes your Mortal Judgement time! The weighing of your heart, the moment of Truth. You stand before a large golden scale where the jackal-headed God, Anubis is weighing your heart against a pure ostrich feather. If your heart is heavier than the feather by your wrongdoings, you will be devoured by the half-leopard, half-crocodile monster.

You will cease to exist forever.

But YOU are IN LUCK. Your Heart is judged pure. You have WON THE MORTAL SUIT.
Now, comes the Sun-God, Ra who takes you to the God of the Underworld, Osiris who gives you the final approval to enter the

You meet your deceased parents in your after-life, amidst the endless and lush field of Reeds where you cultivate, like everyone else, a plot of land with the help of your Shabti Doll, your favorite one in your earthly life, which was kept in your tomb.

In this after-life reed-field, there is no sadness, pain, or anger. You have attained IMMORTALITY.

YOU have lived the life and after-life of Ani, a scribe from the Egyptian City of Thebes who lived in the 13th Century BCE. Happy cultivating!

Adapted from an Egyptian Myth and presented with love! Share your views in the comments!

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