Ab Maan Bhi Jao Na

Ab Maan Bhi Jao Na [Awesome Hindi Shayari!]

Ishq hai to risk hota hi hai! When your girlfriend misunderstands you like hell, only our ab maan bhi jao na shayari will come to your rescue. Our short pieces of love shayaries are fully original and made out of true feelings.

To settle a quarrel and bring peace back to your relationship needs special initiative. Here, your love is put to test. Keep your ego aside and tune into two line hindi shayari on tum maan jao so that love ultimately wins from your quarrel.

Don’t worry if things don’t go as per plan in the beginning. Always recall your first meeting with your GF and keep trying to win back her love. Our maan jao yaar shayari quotes are always here to help. Keep courage in your heart and do what you know best!

Regain your Love Here:

Maan Jao Na Quotes: Muskurao Na…

Maan Jao Na Quotes

Suno suno suno….
Ab maan bhi jao na,
Phool ho to phool ki tarah zara muskurao na,

Tumhe yun rutha dekh mere dil me ek kasak hai,
Jo main keh nhi pa rha ek ajeeb si sesak hai,

Khata(mistake) to yaha sabse hoti hai,
Sahi wo hai jiski un khatao ko mante hue ankhen naam hoti hai,

Jo man le har apni ANA(ego) ke samne wo kamzor nhi hota,
Ek chuban si hai tere naraz hone se islie shyad main in tanha rato ko nahi sota…

As we already know, your girlfriend is angry at you. You try to please her. At least listen to me and respond to my maan bhi jao song. Your sweetheart’s rude face pains you from inert. Everyone commits mistakes but not everyone accepts them. Let your grace set me free for my guilt.

Ab Maan Bhi Jao Na Quotes: Tumse Baat…

Ab Maan Bhi Jao Na Quotes

Tumse baat kiye bagair ek din bhi raha nhi jata,
Zindagi bhar tumse hi to har khushi aur gum hai sath bata(share),

Khata kuch bhi hui ho mazarat(maafi) chaunga main,
Tumhe khoke tum jaisa kaha dhund paounga main,

Aao ab maan bhi jao na,
Phool ho to phool ki tarah
Zara muskurao na…
Zara muskurao na…
Zara muskuro na.. !

I am not happy when you get rude to me. How I will live when my heart turns away from me? Are my feelings doesn’t matter to you? Am I no one? You need to understand my viewpoint as well. You are the greatest gift of life I have ever received. I have no grudges for your rudeness to me. Let’s rejoice in these beautiful love quotes and forget everything that troubled our love.

We are fully sure that our two line Hindi shayari. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! We will be bringing more awesome shayari to help you beat the boredom this lockdown!

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