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Moon mandala art

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Moon Mandala Art

So here’s the first Mandala Art I made(Moon Mandala Art) . Basically I never tried Doodling. Drawing is one of my hobby, in which I’m good at pencil sketches. Last month, I thought of searching varieties of Doodle to draw, and then I got to know about mandala art. The first thing that struck me was patience. Mandala Art basically needs a lot of patience. So my first Mandala Art basically describes a dog sitting on a beautiful moon.

I made the moon with the help of pencil and compass, and then bordered it with simple black ball point pen. As it was the first mandala I was trying, I roughly made the minute details of the moon with pencil, and then bordered and shaded it with pen. In doodle, it’s not necessary to make exactly those design which is shown to you. You can make whatever u feel like, but the drawing should be neat and sober It took a lot of patience and here’s how it look.

Love design mandala art
Love design mandala art

Mandala Love Design

As I received many appreciation on my first mandala, my interest on mandala art became more and I tried a Mandala Love design, and it took a lot of patience. There are basically four circles here which are time-consuming. The circles were made by compass and just a simple black pen, but I’d prefer to use micron pen. The inner circles were made by fixing the black pen in a compass. If it feels very risky to use direct black pen as any mistake may ruin the drawing, we can first roughly draw it by pencil and then can border with black pen. This art needs a lot of patience.

Dream catcher mandala art
Dream catcher mandala art

Dream Catcher Mandala Art

This was the third Mandala Art I made (Dream Catcher Mandala Art) . It’s basically a Dream catcher. I did it the same way as I did the last one. This dream catcher is basically divided into two halves. The right half having a flower and the left half containing parallel lines. I made the basic circle with a compass and pen. Though the right half is easy but left part needs patience as there are a lot of parallel lines. I drew the lines directly with the help of pen and scale but if it feels risky we can use pencil for the rough work. The chains of this dream catcher is basically the apple of eye.

Leaf design mandala art
Leaf design mandala art

Leaf Design Mandala Art

The fourth drawing, I made is of an amazing designer leaf (Leaf design Mandala Art). It looks easy to draw but it seriously took a lot of time to make the outline of this leaf. The left Portion, and the right portion should be equal otherwise it’ll not look good. After making the outline I made the details of the leaf directly with black pen.

If it feels uncomfortable we can also make a rough with pencil, and then outline that. It’s not mandatory to draw every details which is shown. We can put any design we want. The midrib and petiole of this leaf is the highlighting part of this drawing, and I darkly bordered it with black pen. After taking a lot of time, here’s how the drawing looks.

Mesmerizing animal mandala art
Mesmerizing animal mandala art

Animal Mandala

Till now this is the last Mandala I made (Mesmerizing Animal Mandala) and it’s not at all an easy drawing. It is actually an animal mandala, and I made an owl whose body is filled with mesmerizing minute designs and having chains at the bottom. I thought it would not be difficult, but my hands started to while drawing this. It needs a lot of patience and giving up in the middle of the drawing is not a solution.

It took 5 minutes to outline the eyes as both the eyes should be equal. And first I completed the eyes. I outlined it with pencil, and then bordered with pen. Then I made the lower part below the eyes. The scales needed patience. Once I finished the bottom part, I moved to the upper part above the eyes. I did it directly with pen and darkened it. At last, I made the chains. Perhaps the eyes of this owl and the chains are the apple of eye. This drawing is time-consuming, and perhaps needs a lot of patience. For more beautiful artworks visit here.

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  1. I really appreciate and loved Ur doodling..and u should carry on Ur hobby becoz each n everyday doddle has different tastes n it’s uniqueness made it.beautiful which has been done plz share Ur amazing doodles❤️☺️lots of love n well wishes❤️

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