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Here we bring the most wonderful Krishna drawing images with colour. These images are fully original, drawn by our creative members, and are a humble attempt to add positivity and life amidst this looming crisis. We have also added a beautiful commentary explaining the background story behind our original Krishna images so that you can learn real values of life from the complete incarnation of the divine.

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Let’s begin our creative journey here:

Krishna Drawing Colourful Pictures: Be Happy To Be Alive

krishna drawing images with colour
krishna drawing images with colour

The above artwork is a picturisation of love of shrimati radha rani and Lord Krishna Sketch. With the above picture context, there is very beautiful event is attached which shows that how a vaishnav is and if some vaishnav shows mercy on some one then god himself can’t resist himself to help them.

Lord Krishna Drawing Images With Colour: Life-Changing Lessons

krishna drawing painting
krishna drawing painting

There is a beautiful story behind the Lord Krishna Images with colour artwork. Once upon a time at the time of chatur mass (i.e. this usually the time from ekadashi of July to the ekadashi of kartik mass ie. October ) people from Bengal mostly Vaishnava use to travel to Jagannath puri and those days our param Gurudev Srila pramodpuri Goswami Maharaj Ji was there and he has given the duty to his student of preparing all the arrangements for the devotees.

When he was making all the arrangements for the devotes like prasadam for all there was a dog and he also came people seeing eating, as he saw the dog he tell his student to go and give some food to that dog after some time when all the devotees start moving ahead to Jagannath puri he saw that dog is also moving with them.

Earlier people used to travel by foot so, it took at least 3 days to reach Jagannath puri in the meanwhile second day again the dog came and he said to his student that serve prasadam to that dog also and they started moving ahead. 

radha krishna images
Radha Krishna Images New

On the third day when they stop for prasadam he went for paying the tax, it took some more time and everyone was having prasadam,  when he came back he asks his student that had everyone eat prasadam they replied yes then he ask for the dog, his students replied that no today they haven’t seen that dog.

Hearing this he also didn’t had the prasad and thought that how he could have prasad until all the members with him haven’t eaten so he didn’t have and sleep, next day when they reach Jagannath puri he thought that he will tell everything to his Gurudev but he saw that Gurudev is serving that dog saying Hari bol, Hari bol and in return dog is also chanting Hari bol, Hari bol and I front of those thousands of devotees the god came himself and that dog gets disappeared in the lotus feet of Lord Krishna

Radha Krishna Drawing Images With Colour: Final Thoughts

Radhe Krishna Drawing Sketch
krishna easy oil pastel drawing

This beautiful story behind the Krishna drawing with colour shows that if there is a pure devotee and gurudev himself help the person to reach to god then god himself can’t stop to help that person.

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