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4 Beautiful Pen Sketches: Tumblr Sketches

Today we are going to present some tumblr sketches. In pen sketch, we can sketch very lightly before going over the drawing with our final lines, just like with a pencil. Here are some of the top four outstanding pen sketches starting with

Old Peaceful Street with Houses and Restaurants

Old houses and restaurants

This is my first attempt to make pen sketches. For pen sketches we need to be very cautious and careful as we make it wholly with pen. At first, I made the right side building with the help of black gel pen (oceanic gel) and micron pen (005). In pen sketch we need to shade portions with pen in a crisscross pattern. We can first draw the outline with pencil if it is uncomfortable to do directly with pen.

Basically Micron pen makes comfortable to draw and with its thin nib, the shading part becomes easy. After making the right side roughly, I move the focus to the left side where the restaurant lies. We have to minutely shade that part cleanly. The walls should not be made in a scribbled manner. After completing the buildings, we must focus on the floor. For that I used micron pen and black pen. The whole drawing is time-consuming.

Tumblr Sketches: Old Buildings

Old buildings

The drawing might look easy, but its definitely not. The building which is on the extreme left side mainly took time to make and is the center of attraction. At first, I made the outline of the building with pen. After completing doors, windows, and the balcony, I made the bricks of the building with the help of micron pen(005). We’ve to make sure that the bricks must be lightly sketched. After sketching the bricks, I shaded the building with micron pen and made it prominent.

The flowers that were hanging from the windows are made in a manner of small scribbles. Then I shifted the focus to the right side where we can find a tower, and some more buildings. I shaded in the same manner. In this type of drawings we do not need to measure any path or building, and then draw. This type of drawing is time-consuming, and needs a lot of patience otherwise the drawing would mess up.

Kolkata’s Hand-pulled Rickshaw

Kolkata’s hand pulled rickshaw

This drawing portrays Kolkata’s famous hand pulled rickshaw (টানা রিকশা). Hand-pulled rickshaws have been plying the streets of the City of Joy, since, the end of the 19th century. In this drawing, I used black gel pen, micron pen and red hi tech pen. At first, I made the window and the rickshaw with pencil, and then finished it with black micron pen. The rickshaw seat is of red color which I did with the red hi-tech pen.

After completing the Rickshaw, I made the bricks, and the background with black pen. At last, I wrote the caption below with red hi-tech pen. We can use red gel pen too instead of hi-tech pen. This drawing is much easy and not at all time-consuming. Thus, it gives the vibe of Old Kolkata.

Cute Pandas

tumblr sketches
Cute Pandas

This drawing portrays the bond between two pandas and is very easy to make. We can also draw this picture in a greeting card to make it cute. In this sketch, at first we’ve to roughly draw the two pandas with pencil. Then we’ve to make the shades of the panda by black pen. We can use micron pen if we want. The shades should be in a crisscross pattern. The white portion of panda’s body have little bit of shade, for that we’ve to use micron pen (005). We can directly draw it with pen if we want but it would be better not to take risk as pen mark can’t be erased. For more exciting artworks visit here.

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